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MidSouth Multifamily, LLC

MidSouth Multifamily, LLC

Intelligent Investing

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Company Overview


Founded by 30-year industry veteran Rick Courtney, MidSouth Multifamily was formed to capitalize on the huge emerging online offering market. A market expected to experience 10-fold growth to over $300 billion annually in less than a decade.

MidSouth originates and manages investment funds that acquire and operate large-scale apartment properties nationwide. The Company plans to deploy an integrated fintech operating platform to scale its business to a $1,000,000,000 portfolio within 10-years.

The Company is seeking qualified, accredited, investors that are interested in joining the founders of MidSouth. MidSouth has structured a preferred equity deal targeting venture level returns (10X multiple) for a three to five year hold.

Please see our documentation section for a full Offering Summary.