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Mexico Destinos

Mexico Destinos

Social sharing & discovery of the best travel offers in Mexico.

Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

Because there is a lot of innovation in different industries but in the travel space we think it change just from a personal service (traditional agencies) to a do it yourself service (online agencies) and it hasn't change or got better in more than 8 years. We want to merge the best things of both worlds, making your planning easy and giving you options that fit your tastes.

What Sets Us Apart

We help travelers to plan their trip with useful content, giving them the opportunity to discover the best places to visit in different destinations (even if are free or paid places), we offer special packages for different traveler profiles, we are making a booking engine that combines artificial intelligence with the best of traditional travel agencies.

Our Keys To Success

We have a professional team with a lot of experience in online travel agencies, we know how to grow the business, how to manage big marketing budgets and generate a lot of organic traffic. Customer service and user experience are our main focuses, we will keep improving our personalization technology to give better recommendations and to understand the travelers needs.


  • In two months of acceleration with 500 Startup we grow our revenue in 80%, achieving almost 50k usd of revenue per month.

    June, 2013
  • On July 2013 we get to breakeven point without using the acceleration funds yet.

    July, 2013
  • +65,000 unique visitors per month in our website and blog

    October, 2013