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The Mobile Entertainment System

Company Overview

Inventor Profile

It wasn’t that long ago when cellphones were first introduced to the market. However, there weren’t as many options or carrier providers as there are today. Living in the digital age, there are many different types of cellphones and service providers competing for attention. The most popular ones are iPhone and Android. Each model offers different benefits for customers. But, what if there was a way to incorporate all of the things users enjoy about each type and turn it into a hybrid model? Being a creative problem solver, Cornell Colbert has done exactly that.

Mr. Colbert has teamed up for the development of this project with All in One Invention Services. Together, they have used their collaborative experience to transform this idea into a marketable platform.

The inventor passionately feels a sense of pride about this concept. He believes that it deserves immediate attention. Because of the great market that exists for such a concept, he wholeheartedly believes in the positive impact its development and production will have on individuals and the market(s) to which it will be promoted.

What is the Concept?

The name of the concept the inventor has chosen is MES - Media Entertainment System.

Mr. Colbert is open to the possibility of a name change. However, he reserves final approval regarding the official name. Branding is important, of course, but the concept is the proper foundation for the invention and any future applications of the invention.

The concept Mr. Cornell has envisioned is a revolutionary cellphone that combines all iPhone and Android apps. A more detailed description of the functionality of this invention will be elaborated upon in the following segment.

How Does it Work?

Mr. Colbert has been designing and documenting this concept for quite some time. He has several “mock-up” drawings of the invention, which have provided the inventor with a sense of how the idea will appear once brought into production. The drawings are beneficial for making any necessary modifications and revisions for improvements; thus promoting a more satisfactory and overall accommodating product.

As currently designed in the technical drawings and 3-D models, the invention has unique features not presently available in the marketplace. Although it has not yet been engineered and is still in the developmental stages, an explanation of its functionality is as follows:

MES - Media Entertainment System is a unique all-in-one cellphone/portable gaming system. It's designed to allow users to get all of their entertainment from a single source. MES incorporates the most popular apps and tools on android and ios and streamlines them into one brilliant environment. Each phone is independent with its on social media, music player, games, and video streaming. It also follows commands and has 3D holograms.

The outside of the phone is made from solar panel glass. The front top portion of the phone has spot where the 3D hologram comes out. A

Invention Features:

· Multiple cameras

· Ai Help, which follows commands.

· Chat bots, to talk and get to know the personality of the phone

· Holographs

· Solar panel glass

· 3D projector

What Problem(s) Does it Solve?

The unique features of this invention will provide the following benefits for consumers everywhere:

· Ability to obey commands

· Solar based charging

· Combines all iPhone and Android apps into one place

Possible Material(s) for Construction

The cost of materials and actual materials used will depend on the quantity manufactured and the buyer/licensee of this idea.

An introductory retail price and sustaining price will be determined by the quantity manufactured, the actual cost of manufacturing, advertising methods used, and packaging materials employed by the buyer/licensee. The inventor understands that company feedback, especially from knowledgeable sources, is a great way to improve the product for future market potential.


Mr. Colbert envisions his product appealing to:

· Technology Industry

· Anyone and everyone with a cellphone

Today’s society is always seeking new ways to get the latest technology, and this is precisely why this product is being developed.

The markets are extensive for an innovative product like the MES - Media Entertainment System. Consumers worldwide will appreciate the benefits and convenience of using this product.

The MES - Media Entertainment System would be available wherever cellphones are sold such as Sprint, Verizon, ATT and Best Buy as well as general supply stores, like Wal-Mart and Target. The Internet provides an additional important platform for the advertising and marketing of this innovative product with many retail sites as well as sites for informative videos and blogs.

Mr. Colbert wishes to leave the market open for subsequent variances and possibilities that could improve the feasibility and marketability of this product.