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Menus For Less

Menus For Less

Helping restaurants and other local businesses attract new customers! Like Google, Grubhub, and Groupon of direct mail marketing.

Warminster, Pennsylvania, US

marketing, digital media, digital shopper marketing, direct response marketing, hyperlocal media, online ordering, small businesses

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At Menus For Less and My Coupon Card Mailer our mission is to help America’s 28 million small business owners (restaurants, beauty salons, chiropractors, etc.) have successful and thriving businesses by providing them with a 100% affordable, profitable and repeatable way to attract new customers and increase their sales…every week!

Menus For Less is our recurring income B2B takeout menu design, printing and direct mail marketing service where we already serve 2,000 restaurants and reaches 30 million consumers/diners per year.


My Coupon Card Mailer is our B2B monthly subscription service where we design, print and send 1,000 coupon cards to a 1,000 different homes all exactly in the neighborhoods that each of clients wants to serve...for just $297 per month!


We design, print and mail a customer's coupon card mailing to the appropriate post office. Coupon cards will be priority delivered by United States Post Office to the homes exactly in the neighborhoods that our clients want to serve.


We currently serve 2,000 primarily restaurant clients, in 2017 generated $2.4 million in revenue and reached about 30 million consumers.

In 2018 we expect to generate $5.6 million in revenue and $950,000 in net income.

In August of 2017 we stood up a 15,000 SQ FT (about the length of a football field) printing and direct mail marketing plant with the space and industrial printing machinery needed to support $100+ million annual revenue.

With our platform built-out we seek to hire and retain 3 sales account executives every month for next 3 years. By the end of 3 years we will have 100 inside sales account executives, $44 million in revenue and $20 million in net income.

In addition, there are multiple public traded companies who may be interested in making a strategic investment or even acquiring the business within 3 years.

Finally, we have previously completed 5 U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed bank loans that total approximately $1.7 million. We are working on our 6th transaction ($5 million) to consolidate our current loans and support our growth. This bank financing is addition to any financing that we are seeking. We believe that the $1 million from crowdfunder investors will allow us to secure the above mentioned additional $5 million in bank financing.


$2,500,000 Sales
25 Employees
30,000,000 Users

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Went live with web site.

February, 2018

Generated $2.5 million in revenue

December, 2017

Reached 30+ million consumers on behalf of 2,000 small business owner clients

December, 2017

Grew sales by 40% year over year while in parallel making significant investments in building our platform production infrastructure.

December, 2017

Grew team to 20 experienced professionals, including 7 sales team memeber

October, 2017

Launched My Coupon Card Mailer, a break through service that for just $297 per month allows any business owner to reach 1,000 local homes.

October, 2017

Began production operations from our 15,000 SQ. FT. purpose built printing and direct mail marketing plant with $300 million/year capacity.

September, 2017


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Sales Associate

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Sales Associate

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Roy Cowan

Account Executive

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