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Media Li2ght Entertainment

Media Li2ght Entertainment

High-Speed Wireless Technology Products Powered by Wireless Energy Transmission

Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

Media Li²ght Entertainment was founded as a startup Company on July 31, 2012. The Company s mission and primary focus is on creating a better power paradigm using wireless charging technology. In our view, the natural progression of mobile technology involves complete wire-free operation, especially for charging. Our lives are becoming less and less about wires and cables and more about wireless from mobile phones, to the wireless Internet and now with wireless power.

What Sets Us Apart

We have successfully incorporated advanced wireless power technology within our products and have taken a huge leap in scale, as kilowatts can now be transferred over an air gap of hundreds of millimeters without the previous losses through poor energy transfer efficiency. Our next generation single power charger gives you more freedom by powering any equipped device within a 30 foot radius, breaking new ground in wireless power technology.

Our Keys To Success

Success is attributed to a unique approach of making wireless charging ubiquitous in the places that consumers need it the most. Our platform creates a better user experience, no more hauling different chargers and batteries around and hunting for electrical outlets. Our products are universal and support multiple compatible devices, is ideal for public spaces like cafes, airports, concerts, sporting events, beaches, hotels, offices anywhere lots of people want to charge their devices


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    November, 2012