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Maté Energy Tea

Maté Energy Tea

A refreshing and vitalising, sparkling tea.

Company Overview

At Maté Energy Tea we make high quality sparkling teas that are super vitalising and super fun.

Unlike other energy drinks out there, we use tea that contains less caffeine than an average can of cola. We think an energising drink can be refreshing, simple, and fun, without a large amount of caffeine.

Maté Energy Tea starts with the tea. Mate (“mah-tay”) is a natural, vitalising tea. To this we then add sweetener and natural flavours, such as a splash of citric and peach. Finally, we add CO2 to make it bubbly.

Our current aim is simple: get our product in stores. We’ve overcome the initial stage of product production. This can be done simply, and at low cost. We’ve also rebranded, because we’ve found that there is some awareness of the tea already in the community. Building on this awareness, our aim now is to get our product on shelves so we can gain that valuable sales data.

This means hitting the pavement and burning that shoe leather!

We want to cultivate relationships with stores in the Melbourne area. We feel that Melbourne is a great place to build a customer base. The city is known for its openness to new cultural concepts as well as its aversion to direct marketing tactics. People want to hear about that new thing from a friend, not from an ad. We believe we can build a customer base for Maté Energy Tea in this type of climate.

We also believe that summer is the perfect time to develop this energy drink. Maté Energy Tea provides a cold, refreshing alternative to coffee. It’s perfect for the beach, the park, the sunshine.

In other words, the funding for this project will be used to cultivate relationships with stores in Melbourne throughout the 2016-17 summer. Through this experience, the company will be in a better position to assess the amount of capital that will be required to expand the company further.