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Marathon Laundry Machines, Inc.

Marathon Laundry Machines, Inc.

The Tesla of Laundry Machines

San Francisco, California, US

software, electronics, big data, consumer products, hardware + software, artificial intelligence, smart grid, home automation, internet of things, smart home, consumer data, laundry, home ownership, laundry machine, appliance

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Company Overview


The THINGS in your home should be smart, not just some hub on the wall. Your laundry machines are the second-biggest use of energy in the home, the most complicated, and the least understood. We are making them smart and usable and energy-efficient.

It’s 2016. Washers and dryers shouldn’t require babysitting or have control panels better fit for an airplane. It’s time for a change. We're introducing a machine that both washes and dries laundry, is internet-connected to negotiate rates with utilities, schedule laundry for energy-optimal times of day, and provide rich user data.

Enter Marathon, the intelligent laundry machine, designed for real life.

Laundry is an almost daily task, and needs a modern solution. The average U.S. household does 6 loads of laundry a week! Even in small households, washers and dryers are scarce resources with competition — “Are my soccer socks clean?!” and “whose stuff is in the dryer?” or that sinking feeling of finding the forgotten load from yesterday, still wet in the washer.

In a multi-tenant building with shared laundry resources, the contention for resources increases exponentially, and the status, scheduling, reservation, and management problem quickly becomes ripe for a cloud-based, data-driven solution. We have built an architecture starting with data-collecting sensors combined with state-of-the-art mobile and cloud solutions for tracking and managing not just the laundry, but the availability of machines, history of use, energy consumption, and true data-driven management.


$203,470 Sales
10 Employees
3 Issued Patents

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Surpassed $200,000 in pre-orders.

August, 2016

$500,000 Angel funding round.

May, 2016

Inked manufacturing agreement with major appliance manufacturer.

April, 2016

Signed distribution deal with Sears Holdings, in negotiation with Lowes, Home Depot and regional distributors.

March, 2016

Surpassed $100,000 in pre-orders from customers in 28 states.

February, 2016

Marathon Laundry Machine wins Digital Trends Top Tech Award in Home Appliance of CES 2016

January, 2016

CES Launch: “Marathon Laundry’s Washer-Dryer Is the Tesla of Appliances.” - Wired Magazine

January, 2016


"Marathon Laundry’s Washer-Dryer Is the Tesla of Appliances."
Wired Magazine
Wired Magazine
"This concept mirrors Tesla in a way that points to one of today’s most important trends—the humanization of technology.”
"The smartest washing machine."
PC World
PC World
“Laundry Innovations That Remove the Daily Drudgery”
Consumer Reports
Consumer Reports
"Have been waiting for you guys to arrive since the 60s."
Daryl D. Marathon Pre-Order Customer
Daryl D.
“I’d never thought I’d get excited about a washing machine, but you’ve done it.”
Gene H. Marathon Pre-Order Customer
Gene H.
"Looking forward to laundry being a sprint, not a marathon :)”
Wendy G. Marathon Pre-Order Customer
Wendy G.
"Seeing a new company and machine on the market excites me as the market has become stagnant.”
Matthew T. Marathon Pre-Order Customer
Matthew T.


Team Member Name

Giovanna Baffico

Design Director

Giovanna is a gifted visual thinker with a background in fashion design, color theory, textiles, and everything related to the clothing we wash in our machines. Read More
Team Member Name

Alison Polkinhorne

Customer Support

Alison is a serial start-up player with 30+ years of experience in high tech at Sun Microsystems (1983), Ardent Computer, NVidia, Vitoria and DigiSight (2016). Read More Unverified
Team Member Name

Stephanie Shorter

Director of Communications

Dr. Stephanie Shorter consults Silicon Valley startups on communication strategy and user experience design informed by the latest neuroscience and behavior ... Read More