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Think Edu, LLC.

Think Edu, LLC.

Solving the Return on Educational Investment

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Company Overview

In pursuit of higher education as a means to gainful employment, both students and their parents have a limited voice and few advocates to help them navigate the complex pathways to admission, financing, graduation and employment.

With over seven thousand U.S. colleges, choosing the right college for each of our individual needs is a daunting task. Prices differ, curricula differ, graduation rates differ and, most importantly, our individual goals differ. How, then, do we sort out all these factors that are important and different for each of us?

Until recently, answering these questions was very difficult. The problem is that there is a scarcity of real data for students to use to compare one college to another. There exists even less data on the topic of financial benefits gained from attaining a college degree from U.S. colleges.

MAP is the first college information site to display cost/benefit ratios for U. S. colleges. Students and parents can now use this metric to compare colleges by success outcome measures in order to make the best education investment decision.