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MANE Hair Society

MANE Hair Society

Drybar for women with textured hair

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Company Overview

MANE Hair Society (MANE) is a new type of hair bar that caters solely to women with textured hair. Women with wavy, curly, coily and relaxed hair have been frustrated for so long with the current salon options. Under the direction of our Creative Director and celebrity stylist , Tippi Shorter, we seek to disrupt the current salon industry by developing an innovative network of hair bars. Our network of salons will address the needs of textured hair women across four critical pillars: Care, Customization, Connection, and Consideration.


35,000 Users
5 Employees
$Sold out Transaction Volume


  • Hired experienced Beauty Editors, who have written for national publications such as Latina Magazine, Huffington Post, Glamour, Allure, etc.

    October, 2016
  • Held sold out pop-up shop with great demand for hair salon services.

    January, 2017
  • Key influeners (e.g. Kelly Rowland, Ciara, Jennifer Hudson etc. ) and textured hair brands follow our social media properties.

    September, 2017
  • Over 7K monthly visitors to

    November, 2017
  • We have over 35K followers across our key platforms including: online, various social media platforms, and newsletter.

    November, 2017
  • Hired COO from Harvard Business School with extensive General Management and Marketing experience in beauty space (i.e. P&G and L'Oreal) .

    December, 2017


Tippi Shorter
Tippi Shorter
MANE Hair Society Creative Director
"Im so excited to bring expert knowledge, creative style options and incredible customer service to the textured hair community. As a celebrity stylist and previous salon owner, I know the strong customer need for quality and efficient style services. As an educator, I understand that constant education is key to having a point of difference. These are apart of our core mission at MANE and I look forward to launching our first location, and delivering the innovative service to textured hair women."
Christina Brown
Christina Brown
Love Brown Sugar Beauty Blogger
"I was so elated by the concept of MANE Society that I decided to give their services a try and it was truly money well spent. I have never had my hair completed so well in such a short time."
Corinne Griffith-Cole
Corinne Griffith-Cole
Deputy Editor at Latina Media Ventures
"This salon concept is a no brainer. Blow dry bars are popping up all over the place, and that’s fantastic, but they’re excluding a whole category of women with limited style menus and stylists who are inexperienced with textured hair. If we had the convenience of a blow dry bar coupled with texture-savvy stylists who offer kick ass blowouts that would be life-changing."
Esta Fiesta
Esta Fiesta
Beauty Blogger
"What Drybar is to women with straight hair who love chic blowouts, MANE Society is to textured hair women–no matter how they wear their hair. MANE Co-founders created a salon that serves all the needs of women with textured hair."
Khary Cuffe
Khary Cuffe
MANE Hair Society COO
"MANE will fundamentally address the issues that women with textured hair have learned to live with for so longer. No longer will the majority of these women have to endure the consumer issues that I have encountered while working in the beauty industry. We aim to address the service, sub par customer experience, high prices, long waits, damaged hair and lack luster results. MANE seeks to holistically solve those issues and delight them while doing so!"