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connecting brands and shoppers for good!

Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

makeena s core vision is to help shoppers make healthy and sustainable buying decisions and save money while doing so. makeena hopes to transition traditional, unhealthy shoppers into healthy and sustainable shoppers by leveling the playing field and offering natural and sustainable brands at the same or better prices than traditional brands. makeena hopes that because more of these brands are being purchased, people will experience fewer medical issues and the earth will be less polluted.

What Sets Us Apart

Currently there is no streamlined, mobile, location-aware, end-to-end loyalty platform for brands. makeena automates tracking and redemption for shoppers across multiple brands and retailers in-store and on-line with a single account. By pushing location and context aware incentives to shoppers, then tracking and rewarding engagement, brands build new customers and increase loyalty. On the backend, makeena collects data and provides brands with a simple way to analyze and manage that data.

Our Keys To Success

We have strong experience and solid connections in the technology, data analytics, retail, and natural products space, as well as the passion, tenacity, and smarts to make makeena a thriving business. Further, makeena solves the online to onsite problem for both brand and the shopper in that real-time offer redemptions will be available for the first time across multiple channels, tracking shopper behavior for the brand and providing the shopper with instant gratification!


  • makeena was 1 of 26 wonderful companies selected to pitch at the 6th Annual Angel Capital Summit in Denver 3/20/13.

    March, 2013
  • makeena has been asked to be the key presenter at Profit Matters at the University of Colorado on April 10th.

    April, 2013
  • makeena's first ever crowdfunding campaign was launched on Crowdfunder!

    May, 2013
  • Yay! makeena ran a successful crowdfunding campaign on Thanks to all of our contributors!

    June, 2013
  • On 7/17, makeena closed its first outside funding. Big milestone has been reached.

    July, 2013
  • makeena is soft launching its Beta A at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore.

    September, 2013
  • makeena was selected to present along with 20 other companies at the Nutrition Capital Network Fall Investors Meeting in San Francisco.

    October, 2013
  • makeena has been selected to screen with Golden Seeds in Silicon Valley. We are super excited about this opportunity.

    November, 2013
  • makeena one of six companies chosen as winners of Telluride Venture Accelerator for a six month program located in Telluride, Colorado.

    December, 2014
  • We've opened a Deal Page on Crowdfunder for accredited investors. If you are accredited, please take a look. We are 21% there!

    May, 2014
  • makeena has been selected to advance to the next round for Shark Tank!

    June, 2014
  • makeena highlighted in 5280 Magazine as one of four companies to watch!

    June, 2014