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Complete, industrial-strength cyber-security tailored to every business size and risk appetite.

Company Overview

Executive Summary

There are three major cyber-security problems all businesses face today:

  1. The threats are real and every business is at risk of being attacked,
  2. There are no available skills and knowledge – the unemployment rate for experienced security analysts is zero,
  3. There is no single software solution that defends against all attack vectors,

To address these problems, Netswitch has developed an integrated software platform representing the best of breed security technologies available called Securli®.

This platform solution provides a complete security defense against all attack vectors across the full spectrum of threat surfaces (perimeter, endpoints, network, external, etc.).

The platform is customizable to fit any set of security requirements, risk appetite and budget and defends against any and all possible threats no matter how advanced.

In addition to the three major problems, there are two significant trends that IT management must address:

  1. The threat landscape changes rapidly and frequently and it is impossible to keep pace. Attacks are becoming more targeted. Multiple layers of detection and training is a must.
  2. Everyone now needs but few can afford a full time chief security officer.

The Securli® solution includes three key components for any successful cyber-security defense strategy:

  1. Strategic advisory services from a well-known team of qualified and certified security information officers with experience across all industries,
  2. A 24x7 monitoring and management service to alert and begin processing responses to security events in real-time,
  3. Complete remediation from attack alerts through forensics to containment, recovery, restoration and remediation.

The Securli® platform is installed and successfully defending clients today in hospitality, healthcare, education, insurance, biotechnology, and apparel manufacturing.

Threat Intelligence – Securli XF®

Our ability to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyber-security attacks in the future will depend upon the availability of timely, reliable and actionable integrated threat intelligence. This is why we have developed and patented a threat intelligence architecture that goes beyond what is available on the market today.

This extended platform is called Securli XF® and it relies on patented and proprietary predictive analytics and big data algorithms to detect and predict advanced, sophisticated and complex threats, and uses transformed data feeds from open-source repositories, the dark web, social media and our Securli® defense platform products to provide not just raw data feeds but highly refined and sharable threat intelligence which will enable our clients to further improve their individual threat defense postures and those of their industry sectors and geography.

We seek a $10 million equity investment to complete the development, marketing, sales and deployment of the Securli XF® platform and to continue to grow market share for the Securli® Advanced Threat Defense platform.


Issued Patents
Cash Flow Positive
40 Users
22 Employees
$1,500,000 Sales

Pitch Deck


  • Launched Securli

    November, 2015
  • Closed 10th Securli customer

    February, 2016
  • Closed 2015 at $1.5 million in sales and profitable

    December, 2015
  • Signed first Middle-East distributor

    January, 2016
  • Signed first AsiaPac distributor

    November, 2015


Pam Quilici
Pam Quilici
EVP Crouse Insurance
"See Company Website for 9 other Securli testimonials"