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Made in the Lower East Side

Made in the Lower East Side

We open storefronts to possibilities.

Why We Started This Company

Started as an online collaboration in February 2012, miLES recognizes the urgency of the problem of vacancy in neighborhoods, the importance of utilizing untapped spaces and resources, and the need of an innovative cross-disciplinary practice to create a sustaining process to engaging communities and stakeholders of using spaces in the neighborhood. We want to further enhance and channel the creative, entrepreneurial and community spirit of the Lower East Side into underused spaces.

What Sets Us Apart

We are an interdisciplinary group of sociologists, designers, architects, urban planners. Through our initiative we foster creative and economic opportunities for our storefronts, our neighborhoods, and our city. We create real estate opportunities that are affordable and accessible for everyone for anything they can imagine. We provide the first stepping stone for small business owners, the building blocks of our cities and nation.

Our Keys To Success

We are willing to do things that no other agencies are willing to do: creating short-term uses in prime real estate of New York for the benefit of communities with design in mind. We identified the importance of working with multiple stakeholders: residents, artists, businesses and landlords. We are keen on finding the common ground between them, and because of that we offer a product that appeals to all.

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