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Maaterra Biotechnology

Maaterra Biotechnology

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Company Overview

Maaterra Biotechnology was founded after acquiring the international (outside the US) IP rights to the first molecular bonding technology that can bond myriad particles to cloth. Our current technology has been utilized to create a fabric treatment process that allows anyone to make any washable textile antimicrobial. This treatment is easy, inexpensive, permanent, and uses only food-grade natural ingredients.

For the retail sector, our product is currently distributed nationwide in Canada, with negotiations underway in several other countries. We market our product as the first and only laundry product that can permanently remove and prevent body odour and mildew sourness on any washable cloth. We pride ourselves on the guarantee of improved laundry ecology and economy by giving consumers a way to reduce the amount of laundry they do many times over.

For the healthcare sector, our target markets are hospitals and long-term care facilities where we can introduce our product into the laundry system cheaply and with no logistical impact. By ensuring that all washable linens are perpetually antimicrobial, we can reduce hospital acquired infections by improving environmental sanitation.

Our team is comprised of members who have decades of experience in their fields, and who have dedicated their expertise to ensure that

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