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Lucky Tackle Box

Lucky Tackle Box

To support ALL passionate anglers by delivering monthly boxes bursting with baits, lures, and tackle, while also providing education.

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Company Overview

Lucky Tackle Box ("LTB" or the "Company") is a fast growing subscription box for anglers in the US and Canada. The Company has 12,000 active subscribers and an aggressive marketing campaign. In the US, there are 45 million active anglers (more than golfers). There are only three (3) fishing subscription companies and LTB is number two.

In July 2019, LTB with acquired by LTB Management LLC and recapitalized. Previous management started the Company in 2013. At its peak, LTB had 35,000 active customer and $9 million in sales. Due to lack of capital, the Company's struggled financially and sales declined in 2017-2019.

Sales in 2019 were $3 million and are expected to grow by 25% in 2020. The Company is near break-even.

LTB has joined forces with BDS Marketing and its digital studio Wow Brands. Aggressive marketing supported by social media connectivity, education, and excellent customer service is the basis of LTB's strategy for grown and longevity.

The Company has been venture funded and has no debt.


12,000 Users
5 Employees
Cash Flow Positive
$3,000,000 Sales
35% ROI


  • LTB Managment LLC acquired the Lucky Tackle Box brand.

    July, 2019
  • 12,000 active and satisfied subscribers

    December, 2019
  • $3 million annual sales. No debt.

    January, 2020


Chris King
Chris King
Customer / Angler
"The Best Fishing Tackle Subscription Service on the Market! These days finding a company that provides great fishing products and services and has great customer service is not easy to find, but not with Lucky Tackle Box! They are the best tackle subscription service on the market and that shows across the fishing community! With no contracts and no commitments, and a wide variety of boxes from Bass and Walleye to Panfish and more, they have it all! When it comes to learning how to properly fish baits, LTB!"
Doug Des Auteles
Doug Des Auteles
Customer / Avid Fisherman
"What I love about getting these boxes… What I love about getting these boxes is learning how to use different baits. It takes me out of my comfort zone. I have lures I have faith in but now by using different baits I now have faith in throwing almost anything. I've learned many new techniques and that is priceless to me. "