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LSTN makes vintage inspired headphones made from reclaimed wood. For every pair sold, we help restore hearing to a person in need.

Los Angeles, California, US

social enterprise

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LSTN is selling in LA stores but we have the top down approval to be in all 350 stores

August, 2013

refer-a-friend promotion launches August 26 - for every person referred to Spotify, they will donate $1 to our Giving Back Amplified program

August, 2013

LSTN Team headed to Peru next week for our first hearing trip where we'll be helping Starkey distribute over 10,000 hearing aids

August, 2013

Placed PO and doing collaboration with them and their online marketplace starting Fall 2013

September, 2013

purchased 3,000 pairs for their fall giftbox and will purchase another 1,000+ to sell on their site.

September, 2013

Doing a promotion with where every CD or DVD shipped from has a LSTN insert with information about Starkey included

September, 2013

Just moved their November test PO up to September so we can get better holiday read

October, 2013