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Utilitarian pet accessories for pets and pet lovers, handcrafted in Brooklyn.

Why We Started This Company

I love my pug dog, Gzigzia. As she got older, she needed to be carried a lot more. I searched for dog totes that have specific features for Gzigzia’s needs and never found “the one.” My instinct led me to design my own tote and share it with other pet lovers. After much pet industry research, I realized there is a lifestyle niche for pet accessories in the accessible luxury market. My passion for my dog, design and entrepreneurship led me to creating this business, hence LoveThyBeast was born.

What Sets Us Apart

VISION: We celebrate the special bond between pets and pet owners. EXPERTISE: Our knowledge in design, manufacturing process, local sourcing and the understanding of pet needs via Owner/Designer Tiziana Agnello’s 10+ years as a Prop/Soft Goods Stylist and 20+ years as a pet owner. QUALITY: Our eye for unique textiles and sustainable materials and production. MADE IN NEW YORK: We work locally with manufacturers to revive the demand for American craftsmanship. COMMUNITY: We cultivate pet culture.

Our Keys To Success

Stay true to promoting the pet/owner lifestyle for the accessible luxury market, supporting the American maker economy and the pet community; Focus marketing efforts in targeting enthusiasts, customers, evangelists offline and online via on-site events and social media; Listen to our instincts on product development when it comes to news, market research, sales data and social media activity; Select key business relationships to maximize brand awareness and sales.

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