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Lorikeet Learning LLC

Lorikeet Learning LLC

Opening a world of Discovery for Children with Social and Learning Differences

Wilmington, Delaware, US

education, social enterprise

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Martin Uniacke

Martin Uniacke

Lorikeet Learning LLC, CEO

Having spent my adult life selling wonderful products for some of the top toy companies in the world, I was excited to learn about Lorikeet Learning and the work they want to do to help teachers help students with Special Needs. I have taken the helm and am ready to "bottle" Dr. Mike and bring his solutions to this community.
Dr. Mike Mallee

Dr. Mike Mallee

Lorikeet Learning, Co-Founder

I have lived by two tenants: 1) Watch out for those less fortunate than you, and 2) Leave the world a better place than how you found it. I taught students with learning differences ranging from age 5 to 21 for 33 years. Having recently retired, I find consulting and organizing many years of materials for Lorikeet Learning filling the void of working with students. Students who learn differently have always been my main interest. Trying to find the right pathway, through song (music and lyrics), and movement to teach a new skill is both exciting and a good use of my creative juices. I am a strong component of error less learning during the skills acquisition phase but not during testing of a skill. Differential instruction is a key component of my system, giving everyone in a class (no matter at which level of learning) the ability to participate and be active during the instruction process. I found through the years that once you gain the students attention and joint focus, the ability to learn new skills accelerate. The structure, songs, raps, rhythms, movement activities, pictures, and narrations, provide a vehicle that grabs attention and facilitates joint focus (the ability to learn in a group setting).
Stephen Kramer

Stephen Kramer

Lorikeet Learning LLC, Co-Founder & President

My name is Stephen Kramer. I started college as a Programmer, but after finishing two years at Cecil College, I found out about University of Baltimores Game Design Degree. I have since graduated from the University of Baltimore, and majored in the B.S. Simulation Digital Entertainment Degree. Spring 2010 I went back to the University of Baltimore and started the M.S. Interaction Design and Information Architecture program. As of Fall 2010 I have put that on hold while I am President of my company Lorikeet Learning. Lorikeet Learning offers teaching curriculums and products for Parents and Teachers of Children with Social and Learning Differences. Our products are primarily for the early childhood students with the most severe cases of autism and learning differences, but works for many different kinds of students with brain injury or down syndrome. Learn More
Dan Jorquera
Dan Jorquera is behind the art, programming, and game design seen in the Lorikeet Learning projects. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Simulation & Game Design from the University of Baltimore and creates mobile games in his spare time. Under the supervision of Dr. Mike, Dan aspires to create artwork that is colorful, engaging, and exciting. With a wife who is a teacher and a cousin diagnosed with autism, he is heavily invested in the world of education and believes that "educational" and "fun" are not mutually exclusive when creating apps or games.

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