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Look@You, Inc.

Look@You, Inc.

Proven First Mover in eComm to Virgin Market (New Parents) Now Launching Private Social Networks for Elections, Churches and More!

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Company Overview

Founded eight years ago, Look@You is the originator of the famous Look@MyBaby™ livestream service launched in seven international markets, building a following of over 700,000 people.

Look@You is now re-launching as an App-based business provider of Private Social Media. These are innovative social information sharing solutions for large Affinity Groups everywhere. The company focus is to securely digitize communities and provide them with a safe space to interact.

Our applications let Users safely and securely explore, communicate and share their experiences within their Affinity Group without any outside influences, irrelevant information, fake news or other disruptions:



Similar to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even WhatsApp Commercial, Look@You applications offer features such as video streaming, media posting, story posting and User comments/feedback.

What is unique is the combination of personal content with authoritative third-party information from hospitals, electoral commissions, political parties, church congregations and other affinity organizations.

By way of our well-established Look@MyBaby™ vertical, the Group has become a first of a kind operation which successfully identifies, engages and monetize parents and their friends and family, all of whom are brought together by the birth of a child and become users of the Look@MyBaby™ Platform.

Our business will now re-launch with the verticals below, applying the benefit of Private Social Media driven by Affinity Groupings available for free on mobile devices.

Membership and content in the network or group is controlled/moderated by the relevant administrator:

● in the case of Look@MyBaby will most likely be a parent or guardian

● for Look@MyCandidate it will be the Party, Candidate or authorized Volunteer/Organizer

● for Look@MyUnion the Union executive or their authorized nominee such as the relevant shop steward

● in the case of Look@MyPastor, it is the Church, Pastor or a person appointed by the congregation

There can be no “unwelcome” actors unless that control is not exercised by the relevant person or body. It is therefore unlikely to suffer the kind of breaches of privacy experienced with social networking giants which allow easy access, distribution and corruption of the message, media and information of the individual or group.

The highest levels of modern encryption and systems architecture will be stand out features of all Look@You Apps. The specific verticals have additional features and safeguards designed to enhance the reach and security of the Apps.

Pitch Deck


  • Launch of crowdfunding campaigns

    November, 2019
  • Completion of Offer Documents for raising funds and briefing our Securities lawyers

    November, 2019
  • Opened US offices in Miami, FL as part of the current move to a "US-centric" company and operation and to mark launch into the US market

    September, 2019
  • Delivery of beta of Candidate App and template for Union, Pastor and Look@MyBaby Apps.

    May, 2019
  • Commenced building LookAtMyCandidate App in co-operation with the Independent Election Commission of South Africa.

    September, 2018
  • First Launch of the Look@MyBabyBook - marking the transition from Video only streaming to rich content for hospitals and new parents

    November, 2015
  • Opened Look@MyBaby Philippines - further expanding our global foot print into another major "Babies Per Month" market

    October, 2014
  • Expanded LAMB to MENA - opening offices in Jordan and UAE after signing major health care groups in the region to Look@MyBaby

    August, 2014
  • Opened Look@MyBaby Thailand after signing Samitivej ("sum-it-toay") hospital, one of the top maternity hospitals in the region

    March, 2014
  • Opened Look@MyBabyMalaysia after signing KPJ hospitals - expanding Asia presence beyond the successfully launched LAMBIndonisia.

    March, 2013
  • Opened the Indonesia offices - bringing LAMB to one of the biggest markets in Asia.

    November, 2012
  • Opened Look@MyBaby Australia to critical acclaim. Signed agreements with over a dozen member hospitals and launched the Look@MyBaby service

    September, 2010


Kevin Harrington
Kevin Harrington
""This is one of the best opportunities this Shark has ever seen""
Michelle (last name withheld)
Michelle (last name withheld)
New Mother - Look@MyBaby User
""I had sooo much fun using Look@MyBaby for introducing our little Jacky to our family. Everyone was addicted to the "Jacky Show' watching him 24/7. My other children and husband could go home with the knowledge that they could still be a part of the whole experience even when they couldn't be with me in the hospital. We even showed him off to my other children's friends back at school. But most importantly it was amazing for all my friends and family afar to share our little miracle.""
Dawn (last name withheld)
Dawn (last name withheld)
New Mother - Look@MyBaby User
""I was able to monitor my baby from Home - Thank you for the peace of mind""
Maternity Unit Manager
"At first we were cautious about the idea. But Look@MyBaby is a great addition to our unit. The mums in special care really love it. In the middle of the night at home, they can connect with their little one at a touch of the button and the separation does not seem so bad. Some mums have said they express more milk whilst connecting with their baby on Look@MyBaby. The technology is managed by Look@MyBaby and is no bother to our staff. We don't have to sell it to our couples - it sells itself."
New Mother - Look@MyBaby User
"Leaving our premature baby each day in the hospital caused an indescribable anxiety. Then Look@MyBaby was given to us, and for four weeks we could see our baby from home and show her to our family. I can't say thanks enough. Really. Incredible support at a difficult time for us. Such a wonderful idea delivered just perfectly for families. Our Look@MyBaby Concierge, Kristen, was amazing and the technology wasn't complicated at all. You guys will have a massive impact helping premmie families! Thank you xoxo"
Mid Wife
"Look@MyBaby helps keeps visitors down. Our Mothers get more rest, and our babies are more settled. Not so much "pass the parcel" in hospital is a good thing. Plenty of time for that at home. Let's use this technology for more time for mother and baby. It is a great experience."