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Lonsberry Engineering, LLC

Lonsberry Engineering, LLC

Capitalizing on the booming resurgence in vinyl records.

Company Overview

Lonsberry Engineering, LLC was founded in June, 2014 to provide companies with services and products in the advanced areas of engineering.

We are currently crowdfunding to raise capital to start a product line in the vinyl record industry.

Our proposed Vinyl Record Press fills a market void that has been developing since 2009. An upswing in vinyl record consumption in conjunction with a 40+ year drought of record production equipment leaves the industry unable to meet demand. A combination of part scarcity for aging equipment and high volume demands exemplified by yearly sales growth at nearly double digit pace, presents an opportunity for developing and manufacturing new equipment.

Sales for vinyl records in the U.S. have grown 260% from 2009 through 2014 and for year ending 2015, the sales increased by 28.2% over 2014 with revenue increasing by 32.2% over the same period.

A resurgence in popularity in the vinyl record industry is providing opportunities to develop machinery to both replace and augment aging vinyl equipment. Given the last machines produced are nearly forty years old, on average presses are far older. Long term wear induces high failure rates. A lack of replacement parts and a declining number of individuals capable of repairing these machines, makes it likely many of these antiquated machines will need to be replaced. Aside from aging equipment, the increase in demand alone stimulates the need for new production equipment


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