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Company Overview

Payday loans are expensive and lead borrowers to greater debt in the end. LendFu provides a fundamentally different approach to Payday lending. With 0% interest, flat fees and peer-to-peer lending, LendFu enables individuals and non-profit lenders to help borrowers build personal financial health and stability.

LendFu marketplace provides a socially responsible peer to peer alternative to payday loans. Borrowers get the convenience of online payday lenders via smartphone or web, at a much lower total cost, 0% interest, flexible payment rescheduling and credit building.

In addition, our platform supports non-profit lending, enables organizations to start a lending program in less than an hour, enabling them to start helping within their communities or to further their cause.

Our mission Our mission is to bring fair short-term credit to al
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  • LendFu - POC Non-profit Lending

    February, 2015
  • LendFu - POC Payday Lending

    December, 2015