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Livpact Inc.

Livpact Inc.

Empowering Caregivers

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Company Overview

Livpact's platform is a single point-of-entry for care teams to engage in the coordination of care for loved ones. We combine a wide range of features into a single, easy-to-use SaaS-based platform that is personalized for each care recipient and adapts views and activities for each user based on their role in the care team. Our features include:

  • Daily checklist/journal/assessment
  • Coordination and scheduling of team actions (to dos)
  • Health metric tracking through integration with 2000+ sensors and remote monitoring devices
  • Automatic access to health records including electronic health records, pharmacies and labs
  • Data vault for non-clinical information including living will, advance directives, financial information etc.
  • Identification and access to services for transportation, groceries, community health resources, etc.
  • Integration with Google Home and Alexa

Livpact is designed around the needs of the caregiver. We recognize that even just the logistics of caregiving can be overwhelming and extremely time-consuming. We aim to ease this burden by freeing up caregivers to focus on providing emotional support to their loved ones and spending quality time together, rather than focusing on caregiving all the time.

Livpact not only empowers families to stay connected and work together, but also serves the Enterprises supporting these patients and families. Livpact supports hospitals, physician groups, employers and home care agencies to reduce costs and improve outcomes through increased adherence and fewer health episodes, and also by providing differentiated services to attract new members and customers and drive sales.

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