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Live Love Collective

Live Love Collective


Brooklyn, New York, US

Advertising & Marketing

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Cassandra Zimmerman

Chief Branding Officer // Branding Director - Love Stud

Cassandra is a beautiful spirit inside and out and a brand visionary with over ten years of taking hi-profile brands to the next level across all channels. W... Read More
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Helena de Pereda

Chief of Communications / Media Director - Love Studios

Helena has strategically launched business that reached sales of 1M in less than a year; she had also increased sales by 35% in less than 3 months for busine... Read More
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Mariola Zaremba

Owner of Awakening NY Wellness Center & Cafe - main par

A sparkling light that radiates from within, its hard not to notice Mariola from afar. She is the visionary behind Awakening NY a dynamic 7000 SF eco-gree... Read More
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Ken Chae

Chief of Industrial Design // Founder, JOI

This super-chill samurai is actually a gust of creative force at innovative and cutting edge product design. His work is sophisticated and polished, always w... Read More
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Sean Nutley

Chief Event Producer

Talented with a winning personality and loads of charm, Sean is an expert in shaping successful event architecture, public relations and creative branding st... Read More
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Liam Harris

LEED Certified Architect

on how architecture and design can help cultivate generosity in all levels of society. His work has been recognized with a James Beard Award, American Instit... Read More
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Jordan Downs

Web Designer + Developer // Electronic Music Producer

Jordans pretty cool. And funny. And sweet too. He is also a graphic designer and web developer for over ten years through his company Koncept Media and is h... Read More
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Billy Thomsen

Web and App Designer / Funny Guy

Not only skilled in design and development, Billy is like a ninja with his sharp wit and smart banter that keeps us laughing with his unique sense of humor. ... Read More
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Robert Brisita

Chief of Technology

Rob is a big teddy bear that you just have to love, and hes smart as a whip in the field of Technology and Software Engineering. Hes our problem solver and... Read More
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Christine Kelliher

Chief of Operations - Live Love Connect // Director of

Whether she is introducing us to her new favorite band or telling us a crazy story from her razor-sharp memory, Chrissy is super-fun-with-a-heart-of-gold, br... Read More