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Linear Air

Linear Air

A marketplace (like UBER) for air taxis

Company Overview

Linear Air is a pioneer in the shared economy and has successfully built the only online marketplace for short flights on demand (air taxis). Linear Air has also entered into key partnerships with Kayak and Himpmunk, which have resulted in a favorable customer acquisition cost. Last year, the marketplace billings were $2.3 million. As of late 2015, the annual marketplace billings were over $3.5 million. Linear Air’s business model is similar to other participants in the shared economy in that it owns the technology platform, and its operating partners own the aircraft.

The air taxi market is fragmented and underutilized. The traditional booking process for air taxis is also difficult, manual and inefficient. Linear Air's technology is pioneering by providing information on air taxi flights over an online platform to enable real time booking, fare quotes, secure payments, and customer support. Linear Air has also been successful in getting air taxi flights listed on travel sites such as Kayak and Hipmunk. The technology platform provides many benefits for operating partners as well. A primary use of the current round will be development of a mobile platform.


$3,500,000 Sales

Pitch Deck


  • 2015 Marketplace billings were over $3.5MM

    January, 2016
  • Destination themed paid search campaign successfully demonstrated with a first twelve month ROI of over 150% and rising.

    November, 2015
  • + 97% customer satisfaction rating on operator performance and marketplace ease of use and traveler support

    November, 2015
  • Gross margin on plan for 2015 and increasing toward target 25% of billings as value to operators and travelers demonstrated.

    November, 2015


Clayton Christensen
Clayton Christensen
Harvard Business School Professor, Disruptive
"“In addition to the time-savings and the convenience, the actual Air Taxi flight experience is wonderful. It's calm, personal, and enjoyable to fly with Linear Air”"
Edwin Brenninkmeyer
Edwin Brenninkmeyer
"My initial investment in Linear Air involved thorough due diligence via our family Venture Capital fund. The fund was impressed with CEO Bill Herp’s ethos of gaining proof of concept first, with his own capital and ‘skin-in-the-game’, before seeking institutional investment. We envision LA achieving for private aviation what Open Table did for dining-out, and Joel Brown, former Open Table SVP has joined board of advisors. Proof of concept has been demonstrated and we are now poised for expansion. "