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Your phone away from phone

Brooklyn, New York, US

design, telecommunications, phone service, experience design, hardware + software, subscription, mindful

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Our time and attention are the two most important things that we take for granted the hundreds of times a day that we open our smartphone. So many technology products today are claiming to "make our lives better"; they are engineered to keep us hooked. They are being built and funded because we will become addicted to them, not because we actually needed them. As humans we are vulnerable. Being more "connected" couldn't possibly make us any happier.


We design beautiful objects that respect and empower. Technology that helps us appreciate life more; that serves, not enslaves us. We believe that the world deserves an alternative option to the current and unsustainable direction of technolgy. An honest technology company for humans.


$1,200,000 Sales
9,000 Users

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Received 2000+ press mentions globally

December, 2017

Over 8,000 Light Phones shipped to customers; revenue surpasses $1.2 million

August, 2017

Retail testing with Target, SodaShop in Selfridges (UK), Uncrate, 8eta, Coolhunting

May, 2017

Raised $3.2 million from private investors and VCs including Foxconn, SOSV, etc.

February, 2017

First Light Phones shipped to customers

January, 2017

First mass production run complete at Foxconn, Yantai, China

November, 2016

'Second Phone Same Number' calling software successfully tested with beta group (100 users)

November, 2016

Foxconn invests and partners to manufacture the Light Phone

April, 2016

Light Phone Kickstarter launches – raises $415,000 from over 3,000 backers in 70+ countries

May, 2015

Kai & Joe join Google's inaugural design incubator where they meet and begin building Light together.

September, 2014


This is perfect for runners. You have the ability to 'unplug' by getting away from the distraction of a smartphone while out on a run, but the option to take or make a call is there if you need it...I tested it out and it works beautifully.
Liz Anjos Outdoor Enthusiast
Liz Anjos
I left my iPhone at home and brought only the Light Phone – and it was AMAZING. Boring first. Then frustrating. But with no distractions eventually it just became magic. Not looking at stuff. Not snapping photos. Just being there.
Mathias Jakobsen Urban Professional
Mathias Jakobsen
You don’t need to spend $10,000 and spend two weeks in Hawaii to rest when you’re so exhausted. What might my life be like if in these 20-minute intervals here and there, or hours here and there, I can go light and create this kind of space. I was reminded of actually even looking.
John Bruce Professor
John Bruce
I want to thank you so much for the personal approach you have taken in caring for us and bringing us along on your journey. It has been fascinating to watch and read the updates. Keep it up, I believe in your philosophy of going light!
Elizabeth Lademan Kickstarter Backer
Elizabeth Lademan
But at the risk of sounding cliché, you can't put a price tag on being free of the stress and constant distractions that come along with being on your phone all the time. On my trip to the grocery store, I truly had time to myself for what felt like the first time all weekend.
Avery Hartmans For Business Insider
Avery Hartmans
In six years of reviewing mobile devices, I have never tested one that polarized opinion as much as the Light Phone.
Daniel Thomas For Financial Times
Daniel Thomas


Team Member Name

Boon Liang Lim


Boon worked for Foxconn Technology as hardware product manager in China for over 10 years before helping Light manage our productions. Read More
Team Member Name

Hugh Francis


Founder of Sanctuary Computer, an artful user interface studio, based Manhattan. Read More Unverified
Team Member Name

Eileen Bayers


Team Member Name

David Simmons


David brings 35+ years of experience in both hardware and software engineering. Read More Unverified