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Lifeblink makes it easy to organize the places you have been and things you have done.

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Company Overview

What if there was a platform that made it easy to create lists of all the places you have been and things you have done. A place where you can save and share your life's most important moments. Welcome to Lifeblink!

Lifeblink is building a databases of all the bucket list locations and events across the world. Users can easily add these places and events to their profile. User can also add their life's most important moments. We call these moments Blinks.

Lifeblink is free for users and charges a yearly fee for businesses. Business have many advertising and sponsorship opportunity throughout the website due to the vast travel content.

Unlike the other big social networks where their users are posting daily trivial content, Lifeblink users are focused on capturing and organizing their best moments. Lifeblink will be successful because it is focusing on the long game. Social media is being used for daily communication while Lifeblink is focused on long-term documentation.

Pitch Deck


  • Lifeblink has generated over 2,000 individual pages of content needed for our advertising revenue stream.

    July, 2019