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Life Pack Organics Inc.

Life Pack Organics Inc.

Life Pack Organics will change your life "One Life Pack at a Time"

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Company Overview

Formed in 2018, Los Angeles based Life Pack Organics, Inc. ( is a company that specializes in the production of scientifically formulated nutrition and wellness products for today’s health conscientious consumers. Our proprietary blends are organic, 100% vegan, cruelty free and developed by Master Chemists in our labs which have been in existence for over 50 years.

Our first product release is a beverage additive with a proprietary blend of ingredients including hemp based crystallized cannabidiol (CBD). The product contains vitamins and nutrients that aid and combat pain, reduce anxiety, improve sleep and overcome general malaise. LPO also includes 5g of dietary fiber that has been scientifically proven to improve cardiovascular health and digestion. LPO comes in crystallized form, is water soluble, and can be added to your favorite beverage and is the equivalent to Emergen-C, but with additional health benefits of CBD. LPO contains No THC, rather it contains a beneficial dosage of CBD making it safe for children and anyone seeking a holistic approach to wellness or those who utilize CBD as an alternative to prescription drugs.

LPO will be available at drug stores, retailers, grocery stores and online. The product will be sold in individual servings, by the box and in a 30-day supply. For the first time in history, consumers will be able to experience the tremendous benefits of CBD by logging onto This is a perfect solution for busy individuals on the go. Life Pack Organics come in easy to transport individual packs for travel convenience.

Life Pack Organics is poised the be the first company to make this type of product available to consumers. By capturing .01% of the estimated 2020 revenues of $2.15 billion, LPO would generate approximately $21.5 million in revenues. We are building Brand equity and generating revenue to take Life Pack Organics public in 2020.

Pitch Deck


  • We launched our idea to create a company that could change the way people think about their daily life.

    November, 2018
  • Life Pack Organics Inc,. established relationships with labs to engage in R&D for our proprietary blend.

    December, 2018
  • Partnered with West Coast Labs to produce our fully soluble, 100% Natural & Organic, Vegan CBD blend to add into any beverage.

    May, 2019
  • Launched our all natural Luxury Spa Line along with our Sports Recovery Line making LPO first to market with CBD Plant Based Proteins

    October, 2019
  • Launched full line of products and sold out to a distributor further providing "proof of concept".

    January, 2020
  • Life Pack Organics signed Sinbad, the Comedian, as our Key Brand Ambassador representing us across all social media platforms.

    February, 2020
  • Partnered & signed distribution agreement with 7Eleven Franchisee owner to provide LPO products in 9 out of 7,600 US based convenient stores

    April, 2020
  • Launch Crowdfunder campaign to bring Life Pack Organics to every person on the planet. God Bless and lets have some fun.

    April, 2020
  • Life Pack Organics (“LPO”) Enters into a Letter of Intent to Joint Venture with ALAMidas Capital Partners (“ACP”)

    August, 2020

    September, 2020


Brenda B.
Brenda B.
"I have suffered with neck, back and hand pain for years, due to arthritis and past injuries. Since using Life Pack’s Life Powder in my coffee each morning and the CBD capsules in the afternoon, my pain has remarkably improved. "
Craig L.
Craig L.
Entrepreneur/Avid Golfer
"When I really noticed the difference was when I was out of the powder for 2 weeks! My elbow and knee pain came back from golfing. When I received the powder, I was back on the course within days. "