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For the community-By the community: A platform to be who you are.

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Company Overview


LesQueers (LQ) is a new mobile application for the LGBTQIA+ community. We focus on friendship, professional networking, finding queer friendly venues/businesses, and everything we need from our day to day decisions as a queer person or an ally. You can find anything from sports teams to queer friendly housing through our app. We will launch a beta version in the United States by late September 2018. Our full launched application will be ready by November 2018. Stay tuned! We are an inclusive platform, everyone and anyone is welcome.

We aren't just an application, but a social enterprise and community with a mission to make LGBT mainstream. We believe in the use of technology to support social movements, and we have built a sustainable model to support the LGBT community that aligns with the values and needs of the community.


+ Difficulty finding queer community and friends: no comprehensive events platform for LGBTQIA+

+ No dedicated business platform that meets LGBTQIA+ friendly standards and allows the community to directly engage with these businesses

+ Difficulty knowing which places are LGBTQIA+ Friendly, and inconsistent standards for what that means


+ Our application is a dedicated platform to centralize queer events and communities organized city by city all over the world.

+ Our application is the first LGBT+ platform that has business and organization accounts to offer products and services to the LGBT+ Community by the LGBT+ Friendly Community.

+ We created a guide that evaluates businesses and made it easy for the community to use when deciding where to patron.


Founded in 2014, initially as a community organization to combat the absence of a distinctive queer women’s scene in Shanghai. The group steadily grew and later became LesQueers , which defines itself as a community hub and safe space for the LGBTQIA+ Community. LesQueers currently enjoys a membership of over 10,000 people globally, and is rapidly growing.


15 Employees
10,000 Users

Pitch Deck


  • 200 Businesses in Shanghai

    July, 2018
  • 6,000 impressions on LQ China Prototype

    July, 2018


Coreene Horenko
Coreene Horenko
Executive Director, Lifeline Shanghai
""Lifeline Shanghai was fortunate to attend the LesQueers Diversity & Tolerance training recently. The professional trainers created a welcoming and inclusive environment, where all questions could be asked and answered, without anyone feeling uncomfortable. The LQ team provided great insight into the LGBTIQ+ community, sharing their knowledge of the importance and impact of using inclusive language, understanding gender diversity, whilst challenging community acceptance...""
Christine Asuncion
Christine Asuncion
""LQ has been immensely supportive of Spread the Bagel since they started. It’s a pleasure and honor to work with such a passionate and dedicated team who are committed to evolving the LGBTIQ landscape for the better of the community. We have done a number of successful events with LQ and Spread the Bagel is super excited to create a stronger bond with the community through the LQ app.""
Xiang Qi
Xiang Qi
"We are happy to meet such a team as LQ and use innovative technologies to commit to the LGBTQ community in China. Nvai expects more cooperation with LQ, starting from the needs of the local community, jointly promoting the diversity of society, increasing the vitality and visibility of the Chinese community, and creating a more fair and just environment."
Events Manager
"The cooperation between LQ and LUCCA 390 & HUNT was very special, initially just an idea to have an open mic to hear the silent voices of our community and give them opportunity to share their talents, stories, ideas, and heart... LQ has been successful in keeping the Open Mic running at LUCCA 390 on Tuesday and now Wednesday nights, in the past were generally slower nights for the community. OPEN MIC is a perfect example showcasing LUCCA 390 isn’t just a party place, but heart and soul to open and suppor"