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Santa Monica, California, US

pledge, loans, lending, campaigns, p2p lending

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Company Overview

Ledge is a mobile lending platform that solves the pain of borrowing from family and friends, presenting a new financing alternative for millennials who are opting out of using credit cards and have embraced the sharing economy. Ledge is the only P2P lending platform that works with Venmo, enabling a simple and automated user experience around fundraising, lending, and repayment.

Borrowing through Ledge is as simple as creating a campaign, setting your terms, and sharing it with friends through the apps you use everyday. Friends can pledge money to your campaign without downloading the app, and they are only charged when you reach your campaign goal. Pledges are automatically transferred to your Venmo account once you reach your goal and fund your loan. Ledge keeps track of your loan balance and repayment is automatic, so you can focus on what's important -- being friends.


MGMT Team has had 2 exits for $130M with backgrounds in payments, analytics and social media

December, 2015

Over 2,700 installs with virtually no marketing budget and $9,000 in campaigns funded within 30 days of launch

November, 2015

Signed first lender affiliate agreement with Credit Shop

December, 2015

Only company to close agreement with Venmo in the P2P lending space

September, 2015

Former executives of Prosper and SoFi joined advisory board and invested

October, 2015

Featured in Product Hunt

September, 2015

Official launch with coverage in TechCrunch, Forbes, Lifehacker, CNET, and Mashable

September, 2015

Raised angel round from Social+Capital, Sky Dayton, and Diego Berdakin

February, 2014


Ledge is providing an innovative mobile-first solution for millennials to get started on the credit ladder. They are expanding the boundaries of what's possible with digital money APIs, and I'm excited to be advising them on their platform strategy.
Andy Carra Co-Founder at SoFI
Andy Carra
Ledge has flipped the traditional lending model to make financing friendly and accessible for the debit generation, seamlessly incorporating the platforms and services that millennials rely on to communicate, share, and transact with friends.
Brad Lensing Former CMO at Prosper
Brad Lensing
Ledge is a millennial-focused crowdfunding platform that lets you borrow from your friends and family, simply and securely from your phone. We are closing this round in 10 days so this is the last chance to invest at these terms before we open up our A round.
Adam Neff CEO
Adam Neff


Team Member Name

Ivan Oliver

iOS Lead

3 years developing mobile applications using apple's iOS technology, been previously involved in projects with a strong real-time software component. Read More
Team Member Name

Wijnand Warren

Android Lead

Goals: To become a well established mobile developer, specializing in Android development. Read More