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LED Cooling technology, Thermal management for power LED fixtures, power electronics

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Company Overview

Why We Started This Company

Light-emitting diodes (LED), like any semiconductor, emit heat during their operation. This is because of (75% – 85%) of electrical energy is converted to thermal energy which results in an increase in the temperature of the LED. Thermally stressed LEDs lose efficiency and their valuable technical parameters. That is why we need to control the temperature of the LED.

What Sets Us Apart

Our business model:  Value-added reseller  Systems integrator  Original equipment manufacturer  Technology transfer to strategic business partners  Licensing agreements with companies – manufacturers accordingly.  Future development of this innovative cooling technology.

Our Keys To Success

To improve technical and economical parameters of Active Cooling System (ACS). To reduce complexity and cost price of the manufacturing of LED fixtures, for example. To expand the possibilities of LED Thermal Management by new hardware on the market.


3 Issued Patents


  • United States Patent # 8,070,324 B2 "Thermal control system for a light-emitting diode fixture" was granted.

    December, 2011
  • The improving of LED structure with Active Cooling System

    October, 2014
  • United States Patent # 8,896,212B2 "Thermal control circuit for Active Cooling Module (ACM) for LED fixture" was granted.

    November, 2014
  • United States Patent # 8,994,273B2 "Light-Emitting Diode fixture with an improved thermal control system" was granted.

    March, 2015
  • Intellectual Property Portfolio for Active Cooling Module (IP product) was elaborated and published (brochure available by request).

    March, 2016