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Leandrous Foundation

Leandrous Foundation

Introducing the Future

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Company Overview

The Leandrous Foundation

TrillionAir, Pneumatic Generator

We have invented and are patent pending on a natural gas powered pneumatic generator. It uses pneudraulic principles to make more electricity per cu. ft. of gas than any other method. Turbines are typically 40-47% efficient and smaller ones 50-56% efficient. Leandrous is the first to exploit that efficiency of small turbines in streaming air. The principles of fluid dynamics allow us to design TrillionAir in a variety of application specific configurations and a wide range of classes and sizes.

Smaller pneumatic generators support residential use. Medium size pneumatic generators support refrigerators and parking lot lights at super-stores. The larger versions greenly support sports stadiums, amusement parks, college campuses or military bases. Pneumatic generators are the most efficient and greenest way possible to take industrial consumers (bulk carbon producers) completely off the power grid, which also reduces existing conventional plant emissions.

In the field of energy production, generators run continuously, consequently, maintenance is a major part of the overall challenge. Being able to conduct maintenance on a generator without being forced to shut it down is one of the most critical and difficult aspect of energy production. This is why redundancy is used to allow generators to “take turns” being offline. It is also why the cost of both building and maintaining a series of redundant generators is so high. The term “backup” is a part of the energy lexicon that gets glossed over because it’s considered part of the “cost of doing business” and is passed on to the consumer in the form of higher energy prices.

Power plant designers must include construction, location, environment, zoning, fuel, waste and exhaust disposal, labor and maintenance as being among the ongoing costs of so many moving and interacting parts. These actual and estimated costs (including the plant’s future demolition) are all included in the industry’s padded calculation of today’s price to consumers.
TrillionAir has significantly fewer moving parts with a corresponding reduction in maintenance, downtime, labor costs and energy price. With an ultra low carbon footprint, there is no plant demolition required. With no tangible environmental impact, there are fewer plant location and grid access issues nor their associated costs. Each magnetically levitated turbine can be fully and easily accessed and maintained by fewer people and without service interruption.

TrillionAir completely eliminates the need for shut downs or redundancy which together force consumers to pay higher prices for less efficient, more environmentally corrosive electricity. These features remove the costliest constraints of energy production while more efficiently generating electricity, making TrillionAir the Greenest generating process for today, tomorrow and the future of energy production worldwide.

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Thanking You in Advance for your full support of The Leandrous Foundation on our mission to Save a Million Lives by Spreading the Word, Saying a Prayer and Making a Donation!!!

Rev. Dr. Ronald Jackson, Acting Chair, The Leandrous Foundation

Theodore L. James, TrillionAir Inventor


Renewable Energ Issued Patents


  • We have completed preliminary testing of our prototype and are extremely excited with the results. Looking for Investors!

    April, 2019