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Beijing Shi, Beijing, CN

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Company Overview

LaowaiCareer is a SaaS company that provide the most advanced solutions for companies in China to hire international talent with a focus on ease-of-use, reliability, scalability and simplicity.

Problems worth solving:

  1. Recruitment of foreign talent in China;
  2. High demand, not enough supply;
  3. Dependence on 3rd party recruiters;
  4. Poor quality applicants;
  5. Time-consuming recruitment process;

    When it comes to international talent recruitment companies and institutions, China faces a big problem. For many years that niche market was relying on the help of third party recruiters, local classified sites, and local job boards that all togeather couldn't meet even 20% of their recruitment needs. On one side you have a huge demand, and on the other side, there is a lack of supply. Lack of supply is mainly caused by insufficient marketing experience and web-recruitment expertise for the majority of Chinese companies. Many Chinese companies use very traditional ways of finding people, have an insufficient number of employment information channels, lack an understanding of what people need to make the decision to move to China, not to mention the significant cultural and language gap between China and the rest of the world.

    The current alternatives available in China, such as classified sites and local job boards have other problems: outdated technology, low job seeker traffic, difficult to use, and lack flexibility. Companies and institutions in China need a better solution.

Our solution:

  1. Job board to post vacancies;
  2. Top candidates auction (Live bidding);
  3. Targeted traffic generation;
  4. Internal applicant management system;
  5. Local and international career fairs;

LaowaiCareer is the first international talent recruitment platform in China to offer a new superior technology and one of a kind set of solutions to fit the majority of companies and institutions through offering:

  1. User-friendly interface and easy onboarding system that will guide you step by step through the registration and verification process.
  2. Ability to post a job in under one minute and sync it to the top job search engines to bring highly targeted job seekers by utilizing smart search technology.
  3. Source and invite candidates from a large database.
  4. Real-time bidding in "top talent" auction where employers can instantly get access to the most qualified candidates.
  5. Use our internal applicant tracking system to qualify candidates, schedule interviews, and keep track of each new hire.
  6. Receive daily stats on your recruitment efforts, such as the number of applicants who have applied.
  7. Showcase your company by attending LaowaiCareer job fairs to meet candidates face to face.

Don't have your internal hiring team? Not a problem! LaowaiCareer will provide a dedicated HR manager who will source candidates for you and only supply you with the most qualified talent.

Our company has grown to over $100,000 in recurring revenue sales by focusing primarily on the quality of our service and technology. Our growth has mostly come from non-paid sources, collaboration with a veriety of world's top job aggregators, word-of-mouth and SEO.

Now we're ready to expand our growth and are raising additional funding to drive two key initiatives: build out our regional sales and marketing teams and further expand and differentiate our product line.

Please review the information below to learn more.


$100,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive
10 Employees


Successfully raise seed investment of $100,000 from IEWIE.

February, 2016

Launch of the LaowaiCareer Job Platform

May, 2016

100 Companies and 10000 job seekers registered

July, 2016

700 niche related articles posted and 1 edition of LaowaiCareer magazine released

August, 2016

$100,000 revenue reached

January, 2017


We've been using a great variety different recruitment platforms but LaowaiCareer is the one we like the most!
Sandy Zhou HR officer
Sandy Zhou