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Lakeside Renewables, LLC.

Lakeside Renewables, LLC.

Stellar Investment Upside. Bio-Gas is Pure Gold; We make a lot of Bio-Gas. Our process may help reverse global climate change.

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Company Overview

Global Warming is a Real, Persistent and Growing problem. Fossil Fuel Power Generation and Transportation Fuels are the major contributing factors. Sustainable Renewable Energy processes must replace these sources immediately. Lakeside Power and Methane, LLC has pioneered a "Total Game Changer" in the Renewable Energy Bio-Gas Arena.

We have developed a system than creates a ~700% increase in Bio-Gas yields compared to conventional Anaerobic Co-Digestion. Our process provides the difference which produces sustainable results. All other systems have not been economically feasible. Our system makes all the difference.

Renewable Energy must "Pencil Out" in order to produce it. Ours is a Cash Cow; so to speak. The system is applicable to all forms of Livestock Waste as well as Municipal Sewerage Waste.