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Laird Superfood

Laird Superfood

Take your Coffee Experience to the next level.

Company Overview

Laird Superfood is built on Laird Hamilton’s passion for healthy living. Laird Superfood is a manufacturer and distributor of delicious Superfood based products including the highest quality coffee, creamer and sweetener.

The principal mission of Laird Superfood is to provide healthy, wholesome products that are affordable and available to all. Our primary hook is to begin with the giant coffee industry. There is a growing awareness of and demand for premium coffee products by the mass market. We aim to provide choice and access to high quality and delicious coffee products within the same affordable price range as current not so healthy products.

We see an opportunity to replace less healthy creamers such as coffee mate and others which often contain ingredients like Hydrogenated Oils. With growing public awareness of wholefood ingredients, benefits of fat, and drawbacks of sugar, we have identified a unique opportunity to provide a wholesome, coconut based low sugar creamer. In addition to its beneficial ingredients, the way it tastes and makes people feel are additional advantages. We see this premise being applied as we continually innovate other healthy food products at mass market prices.

Laird Superfood has been selling to Laird Hamilton’s fans and his wife Gabrielle Reece's fans for 9 months. We have used this time to build the operational backend of the company, setup a production facility, acquire all required FDA certifications, train a team of skilled workers and prepare for a global launch. During this startup prelaunch phase we applied what we learned to fine tune products and our manufacturing. During Q1 2016, we accomplished $120K in sales and broke even. Throughout our past 9 months of operations we have yielded enough profit to cover most of our startup expenses.

We intend to launch at the Natural Foods Expo East, mid-September in Baltimore. Laird’s and Gabby’s celebrity presence will help obtain national media attention and will help tell our story more effectively. We will be targeting major groceries in the US as well as distributors internationally. We are seeking $500,000 to support costs for our launch during the trade show and to meet ever increasing inventory demands.


  • Operational Manufacturing Facility

    September, 2015
  • Organic Certification

    December, 2015
  • 1st Profitable Quarter

    March, 2016