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Kxter Fund One LLC

Kxter Fund One LLC

The only performance based Silicon Valley venture fund welcoming everyone.

Company Overview

This fund is available only to US, Canadian and UK residents!

$535,000 of $1,000,000 is already reserved.

It's not too late to invest in the next billion dollar startup!

With investments like Palantir Technologies. Our fund is up 26.5% for the year.

With 250,000 startups on 308 crowdfunding sites it is nearly impossible to find the next big thing. Some will be extremely lucky, however - most will be wrong. And the venture capital firms wont allow you to invest unless you have at least 10 million dollars to spare. Kxter is the only performance based venture fund welcoming everyone. We have reserved $1 million dollars of our $25 million dollar venture fund for Crowdfunder investors.

KXTER manages a balanced venture capital portfolio, and invests you alongside the TOP 20 Venture Capital firms in Silicon Valley. 80% of our investments go into companies that already have revenues and are looking for growth. 20% is invested in early stage companies alongside 1,600 angel investors backed by the Top 10 accelerators in the country.

With a 15+ year track record of starting and successfully exiting companies we know the Silicon Valley eco-system. Our management team has personal relationships with all of the fund managers we invest in. We also ensure that the fund we work with has a minimum 5 year track record of positive returns.

Best part is, our minimums are lower. Start with as low as $1,000 dollars. And allocate your investment between three categories: Venture, Angel and Accelerator - depending on your investment goals.

The Kxter Fund is managed by Kxter Advisors LLC, an exempt investment advisor in the state of California and audited be Deloitte. Our funds are held with Bank of America, one of the leading financial institutions in the county.

Unlike a lot of the mutual and equity funds out there, our fees are a mere 1.5% per annum, with a sales load of less than 12%.

Kxter simplifies your life. We offer you crowdfunded venture capital investing, without the hassle of having to deal with the crowd whilst getting all the benefits of investing directly in Silicon Valley.


26.55% ROI


  • launches new performance based Silicon Valley venture fund welcoming everyone.

    November, 2015


Jason Young
Jason Young
Kxter Fund One Limited Partner
"Holy crap! You rock Thomas! Truly, I'm blessed to be able to sit down with you. What I loved the most was your advice was simple. The way you likened your path to my path, made the road ahead exciting and do-able. I'm forever grateful and look forward to a future of business and friendship! Anything I can do to put my name behind you, let me know."
Lindsay Solomon
Lindsay Solomon
Kxter Follower
"“Love your update videos!” "
Robert Eberschlag
Robert Eberschlag
Partner, Norton Rose Fulbright LLP
""Thomas is a remarkable entrepreneur and company builder. He has an amazing ability to investigate and quickly understand new industries and business opportunities, which he capitalizes on by formulating and actioning well-thought out investment strategies.""