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Knowlii is a travel app that connects users to local experts live and in real-time through a private chat. Users then simply rate and tip!

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Company Overview

Have you ever been in a new city for the first time and simply wished you knew somebody who lived there or had a friend who could show you where to go to?

Knowlii is a new travel app that does just that..

It uses technology to connect people..

It connect users to local experts, live & in real-time via a private chat…

Users rate and tip local experts, based on their recommendations and the quality of information given helping them where to go..

Essentially, we sell knowledge.

Local knowledge exchanged from people to people, live…


We believe that this is not only the next step in travel, but also in the exchange of information...

Knowledge from people, to people, much like a Human Search Engine...

In fact, we call it H.I (Human Intelligence), instead of A.I... This is the meaning behind our logo.

Knowlii truly has stunning potential and scaleability as there is a very clear and transparent business model behind it with high user incentivization.

Pitch Deck


  • $125.000.00 raised in pre-seed funding

    March, 2016

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