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Distributed Energy Solutions

Company Overview


Kliux Energies International (KLiUX) is a US based company, registered in the State of Delaware and with main offices in Chicago IL. A company that specializes in manufacturing and marketing its own proprietary technology vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) worldwide, as well as integrated Hybrid Energy Solutions using other renewable energy technologies to create Small micro power grids for self-power consumption in isolated (Off-Grid) areas or in areas connected to the grid network.

KLiUX participates in the Third Industrial Revolution which will enable each person, consumer, and small and medium enterprises on the planet to finally take control of the future volatility in energy costs, and making them all producers and consumers of their own energy. Always taking advantage and harnessing the available renewable energy resources right at the place where energy will be consumed, otherwise known as Distributed Energy Generation.

Therefore, Kliux Energies International is an emerging corporate-industrial group based in Chicago, with a global presence with their Small Wind and Distributed Energy Solutions: Kliux manufactures and sells worldwide the Kliux Zebra(2kW), Kliux Dragon(3.5kW) and Kliux Eagle(5kW) vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWT), which can be also be integrated into different combinations ad configurations of hybrid energy systems using a combination of Wind and Solar PV technology. Always aimed to providing distributed energy solutions at the lowest possible cost (lowest LCOE) to private, industrial and institutional customers.

The Market Opportunity

  • Distributed power generation presents a growing trend worldwide so large that cannot be ignored:
  • The continued increase in prices of fossil fuels and growth of electricity demand
  • An estimated one third of the world population lives without electricity and 70% of
  • To meet this growing demand will generate twice as much energy for the year 2030.
  • The distributed energy market will triple its size by 2020, from US $ 50.8 billion in 2009 to US $ 154 billion in 2020. Europe will remain the largest market and China grow the Most.
  • In U.S.A. 500,000 households are not connected to the electricity grid and there 11 million households in sparsely populated areas where is necessary to build expensive links. Additionally, some 300,000 homes are built in isolated locations where large investments to expand the network are necessary.
  • In India there are 232,000 communications antennas are supplied with diesel generators must be eliminated by renewable generation systems.

All this provides a growing interest in the acquisition of wind turbines and wind/solar hybrid systems for both developed and emerging countries.

Africa's population and 59% of South Asia do not have access to electricity. Also, there are 755 million households worldwide without access to a reliable source of electricity.

A total of 645 million Africans, nearly 60 per cent of the continent’s population, are said not to have access to electricity. The African Development Bank has launched a Green Mini-Grid Help Desk to facilitate the provision of renewable power to rural African communities

Distributed energy is the energy alternative to increase overall efficiency in generation and distribution, currently between 30% -35%.

The Technology

–Rotor patent is registered in the EU, India, South Korea, China and the USA ©


Kliux Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT)

–It combines efficiently both drag and lift aerodynamic forces.

–Kliux Hybrid Energy System combines a VAWT and a solar PV modules for a reliable self-power generation solution.

–Operates under turbulent, rising, gusty and multi-directional winds.

–Safe for public spaces, bird friendly, aerodynamic self-braking at high winds. No flicker, practically noiseless 32 dB, doesn’t need an orientation system, and is just 33 feet tall.


Target Markets

Our targeted markets in the short to medium term (2017-2018 and for the next five years), are being directed to develop a commercial presence through a strategic alliances and sales distribution agreements with already well established companies within the RE industry in the US, Spanish speaking central and South America regions, Africa (Nigeria), Europe (Germany, France, Denmark, Poland), India and Australia. We will continue to consolidate our leadership in Spain, as a small wind turbine manufacturer, and benefit from the achieved market recognition to grow our sales in Spain as the country has already started to shift in 2016 its policy towards RE (self-power generation)

Market Value Proposition to Customers

Our solutions for distributed power generation provide significant energy savings, for off-grid situations, of up to 90% savings in operating costs compared to other solutions using fossil fuels. We offer solutions in off-grid situations with payback periods of less than 4 years, and for grid connected self-power generation solutions, we are able to offer today energy solutions already at grid parity or at a lower cost per kWh than the cost paid in some markets to the local power provider.



Kliux in a general level competes with all providers of distributed power generation systems, regardless of the renewable source (photovoltaic, wind turbines, micro-hydro, diesel generators, etc.). In a more specific way, Kliux competes with manufacturers of small wind turbines with size power between 1kW and 10kW.

Never the less, we have seen several companies, that once were a recognized name, to have disappeared or changed their main activities focus during the last couple of years. Such is the case of UGE (Urban Green Energy) who recently announce, in Q3 2016 that they will no longer continue manufacturing and selling vertical axis wind turbines in order to concentrate only in commercial solar installations. That of course leaves a much better scenario for KLiUX becoming one of the very few companies TODAY in the market with a REAL and proven technology product.

According to the WWEA in 2014 there were about 60 other VAWT manufactures globally in the Small Wind industry. Nevertheless, only a handful of those are considered to have a complete product or proven concept, and IP protected technology like Kliux Energies International does.

We conducted a cross reference study comparison between KLiUX’s technology versus all other main players in the industry; such as UGE (New York), Helixwind (California), Ropatec (Italy), and Windspire (Wisconsin), among others. The Study used several fundamental metrics of performance comparison based in power capacity, energy efficiency and LCOE.

The study concluded that when comparing similar turbines in size and power, KLiUX’s current commercialized model, the Kliux Zebra, outperformed its competitors on almost every metric taken into consideration, what positions KLiUX’s product/technology on the top 5% of ALL compared companies, and the second best company technology with the highest combination of energy efficiency and lowest LCOE.

The next chart shows how the Kliux Zebra positions within its competitors based in a comparative analysis of the Capacity Factor of each wind turbine and their Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) at 11 m/s.


The Kliux Zebra turbine is very well position against its competitors, appearing within the top left quadrant of the chart, that reflects the highest efficiency at the lowest LCOE.

Competitive advantages of Kliux VAWT Technology

The aerodynamic design and the Kliux VAWT wind turbine components provide features that make it unique compared to its competitors:

  • Has a low starting torque generation from 3.5 m / s (12.6 km / h) and requires no boot system.
  • Its rotation speed at 11 m/s does not exceed 60 rpm and with extreme winds over 30 m/s the aerodynamics of the rotor regulate the rotation speed limit to never surpass 105 rpm, allowing the Kliux Zebra to continue its energy production at full capacity, under weather conditions where other turbines that compete with KLiUX need to be held stopped for structural security reasons. The Kliux wind turbine structural safety is guaranteed under any type of wind condition.
  • It requires virtually no maintenance due to the simplicity of its structure design and simplified mechanics of its permanent magnet electric generator.
  • Besides visual integration and product aesthetics, it’s almost negligible noise at normal working conditions which enables its perfect integration in residential urban environments as well as in nature protected areas.
  • The sound pressure level at 10 meters’ distance for the base is 32.6 dBA with winds at speeds of 6 m/s, and 47.2 dBA with winds at speeds of 10 m/s.
  • It can be installed on ground or on a flat roof deck in about 4 hours.
  • It is respectful of the birds. Its solid volume and relative slow turning motion provide visibility and can be circumvented by all types of birds.
  • Additionally, because of its slow rotation speed makes of the Kliux Zebra an excellent advertising medium, beyond its intended distributed energy generation purpose.

Business Model

There are two basic ways of how we make money:

1) DIRECT SALES: We generate revenue through sales for self-power generation to end customers (mostly SMEs, private and commercial users) installing our unique VAWTs along with different configurations of hybrid energy systems for distributed energy generation. Customer pay outright for their energy system or we facilitate different financing or payment options.

We offer our direct clients two alternative purchase options for our Kliux energy solutions:

  1. Purchase-sale
  2. Leasing / Renting

Direct Sale of Turnkey Solutions of either single wind turbines or complete hybrid energy solutions. Possibility of purchasing just the technology components and/or hiring additional services such as; complete ‘ad hoc’ EPC (electrical installation, civil works, project technical memory and permits). We offer these services as part of the turnkey solution but in many instances we externalize some of these tasks through external third party specialized engineering and installing near the customer’s location, or through our Distributors’ own technical personnel.

Zero initial investment by the buyer to pay a single monthly fee

during the contract period with the option of keeping the installation at end the contract. The rate will be fixed with annual CPI increase. Maintenance and insurance included.

2) DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: We generate revenues through the sales generated by our existing distributors and we also collect a lump sum of money right at the signing of every new International Distribution Agreement. Each new international distributor is required to place a minimum initial purchase order of Kliux Energy Solutions of at least $150.000 value (some exceptions can be made), and a first year sales commitment of $200.000. Then any consecutive year thereafter, the new distributor must attain at least a $500.000 sales volume in order to retain its distribution rights for a specific international geographic region. Therefore, we generate immediate revenues by signing new distribution agreements and we ALSO generate a predictable minimum revenue volume per year, Indirect Sales, through our distributors commercial efforts in each international market or region, EACH YEAR they continue to represent our Kliux products and technology solutions.

Sales Pipeline

At month’s end of December 2016 our Sales Pipeline included 34 ongoing proposals of which about 12 are in the final stages with a strong possibility of evolving into actual sales. These proposed sale projects represent more than 350 wind generators and over 20 solar-wind hybrid energy solutions configured as micro-grid installations for a total of 1.8 MW of approximate expected installed power. Our current sales Pipeline represents a potential total revenue volume of more than $5.5 M for 2017, of which we feel comfortable saying that we could close over the next six coming months at least about 30% to 50% of those deals. Meaning that we could expect to be able to generate between $1.65M to $2.75M of projected weighted Sales Revenues by mid year of 2017.

Key Investment Highlights

● Global Addressable Distributed Energy Market, with Exponential Growth: Expected to reach $150BN by 2020.

● There is a HUGE untapped potential for small Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VATW) to be introduced in new and existing solar installations in urban and rural regions for self-power supply applications.

● Direct and indirect access to an exclusive pipeline of regional, national and international R&D collaboration projects, which will set up the forthcoming growth in IP portfolio of distributed energy generation solutions.

● Key Technology and Corporate Agreements with highly recognized and specialized public and private companies.

● Dramatic increased interest in Company's products and technology solutions worldwide. Resulting in a solid continued growth in its Commercial Pipeline Activity during the first half of 2016. That has lead the company to reach current ongoing negotiations and having already signed a few very large International Distributed Energy Projects in Europe and in the U.S.

● Already signed Distributions Agreements with several reputable companies in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Nigeria, Israel, Poland, and Germany. And with a rapidly growing interest from many other companies around the world, such as India, Denmark, France, Costa Rica, etc., in becoming part of our distribution network.

● Strong Brand positioning of KLiUX as a global reference company in the design and manufacturing of small Vertical Axis Wind Turbines. Having received significant coverage in highly recognized national and international media publications in Renewable Energy.

In Summary

Kliux Energies International is a company with:

• Own proprietary Disruptive Technology and a strong product demand sales pipeline

• A multidisciplinary team of highly qualified and experienced executives.

• A high level of recognition within the Global Small Wind and Distributed Energy Industry.

• An exceptional Commercial Growth Opportunity within the game changing

Global Distributed Energy Market.

• A solid international business model for corporate and sales growth

Use of Funds

To finance short-term working capital requirements. Recruiting key highly specialized technical and commercial personnel. To accelerate our international commercial expansion through the consolidation and buildup of a solid global distribution network. Build new operational infrastructures: HQ offices, storage & logistics warehouse in the US, manufacturing production and R&D activities Spain. Finance current production backlog and accelerate current sales pipeline.


6 Employees
1 Issued Patents
$600,000 Sales

Pitch Deck


  • Created a Delaware registered company with Head Quarters in Chicago

    February, 2016
  • First International Sale to Mexico

    March, 2016
  • Identified and established highly specialiced technology manufacturing outsource network of industrial partners in La Rioja, Spain

    April, 2016
  • Recruiting VP of International Sales, based in Israel.

    July, 2016
  • First International Sale to Germany

    July, 2016
  • Budget acceptance to install 192 Vertical Axis Wind Turbines on the rooftop of a 32 building complex in Moldova

    August, 2016
  • Trade mission to Poland

    September, 2016
  • Collaboration Agreement signed with the INSTITUTE OF RENEWABLE ENERGY of POLAND

    November, 2016