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STREFA 3L and the Milon-Health Circle Concept

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KCB Sports and its brands intends to be the largest fitness center in Poland, attracting at least 60 new customers for the 3 studios each month – approx. 20 members per studio per month.


$1,100,993 Sales
Cash Flow Positive
467 Users
15 Employees
43.07% ROI

Company Overview

Our Story:

From experience you will be smart:

My name is Christian Bethmann, I am the Vice-President of KCB Sport LLC.

I am 44 years old and father of 3 children. I grew up on a farm near Hanover (Germany) and spent my entire life working in agriculture.

From my 30th year I got increasingly back problems. These resulted from the increasing office work and the constant driving as a managing partner of several large agricultural enterprises with a total volume of over 10,000 hectares, especially in Pomerania (Poland).

At peak time, I had up to 110 employees to manage. As a result, my physical activity has continued to decline in recent years. The one-sided working attitude had left its mark, however: exactly 10 years ago, the back pain was unbearable, so I had to take time for my health.

Our Vision:

"In 10 years, a person with health problems should not think about going to the doctor first, but about going to one of our health studios"

The final Health Studio size is determined by the following planning numbers:

Our Planning:

  • annually 6 health studios.
    in years 2020 - 2022
  • annually 12 health studios.
    in years 2023 - 2024
  • annually 24 health studios.
    in years 2025 - 2029


  • Raise the first funds from the Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.

    November, 2019
  • Run & Marketing Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.

    October, 2019
  • Launch of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.

    October, 2019
  • Grand Opening of the third fitness center. Funded with own funds.

    September, 2019
  • Prepare Equity Crowdfunding Campaign.

    September, 2019
  • Writing of Business Plan.

    September, 2019

Pitch Deck

Press Mentions

Key Customers & Partners

Mr. UDO MÜNSTER, c/o Milon Idustries GmbH, D CORN LUNCH BAR & SHOP,  PL-75-950 Koszalin Koci Miętka, PL-75-038 Koszalin AETERNA Sp. z o. o. / Manufaktura Herbaty, PL Kukuła Healthy Food,  PL-83-110 Tczew PODOMED, PL-71-113 Szczecin Centrum Medyczne Dom Lekarski S.A.,  PL-70-34 SereMedic, PL-71-113 Szczecin


Mrs. Paulina Romaldowska
Mrs. Paulina Romaldowska
Managing Director
"Establishing cooperation with Strefa3L was a good decision. Our clients use the services of the club and the clients of the zone complete the training with our ecological products. Mutual cooperation results in good results. We are very happy that we have the opportunity to cooperate with such professionals in every field and on every level. Thank you."
Mrs. Aldona Lewitz-Paszko
Mrs. Aldona Lewitz-Paszko
Managing Director
"I am pleased to certify the information about the high quality of services provided at the Strefa3L located in Koszalin. First of all, I would like to draw your attention to the involvement of the Strefa3L team in relation to an individual customer, who is well-managed to a large extent to achieve their health goal. Trainers always pay attention to the quality of performed exercises, instructing beginners how to properly perform them. "
Mrs. Dorota Chała
Mrs. Dorota Chała
"I encourage all overworked people, after injuries or less physically active ... Strefa3L is the place for everybody / each of you. Just come to the trial workout and stay."
Mr. Grzegorz Małaszuk
Mr. Grzegorz Małaszuk
"Very professional and, what is even more important, nice and courteous care of trainers. Individual approach to training. In addition, body composition analysis included :) Fun as a bonus :) I recommend it."
Mrs. Barbara Obalska:
Mrs. Barbara Obalska:
"The best gym I have been to. Devices adapted to my capabilities and expectations. Trainers well qualified, very helpful and available at any time for consultation on the proper performance of exercises on Milon machines . I am satisfied because I come for a specific purpose and for the short time (35 minutes), which is an additional motivation. I heartily recommend it."

Previous Funding

  • $896,000 Equity
  • Raise Source: Self
  • August 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has KCB SPORT been in operation?

The KCB SPORT company was registered in the National Court Register in 2017 and is an entity authorized to operate facilities for improving physical condition.

What is the future on the market?

KCB SPORT clubs are based on the business model of boutique clubs, which are the current trend of the fitness industry. The clubs offer is well defined, the services are provided at a very high level, with a strong focus on building the club community which meets the expectations of increasingly aware and demanding customers. Thanks to recruitment of employees, in which personality, passion, charisma, high interpersonal skills are the most important, and thanks to a well-conducted training process, employees are a pillar of the business. They create a culture prevailing in the company that provides driving energy for stable growth and competitive advantage.

Is KCB a gym club or fit club?

KCB SPORT clubs are boutique health training clubs using innovative equipment and technology of the 21st century.

Company awards and results:

Winning the economic award of 2018 from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry - silver Denar in the small business category.

Customer results:

Jerzy Popławski: 15th place in the New Year's Eve Nordic Walking march. Krzysztof Sadzik: 1. place in a bike rally

What is the culture and atmosphere of KCB SPORT?

KCB SPORT clubs are cosy places to meet, relax and also spend time in pleasant atmosphere. KCB SPORT are currently the most modern training clubs in Koszalin and Szczecin, which use equipment not only innovative, but also guaranteeing its application effects that meet all customer expectations for the 21st century. It is also a space for many lectures and workshops promoting a healthy lifestyle. Due to exceptional coaching 95% of clients are clients on recommendation, which proves the very high quality of services provided. The culture of taking care of employees is one of the most important pillars of this business. Establishing a company is such that an employee is satisfied because it has a direct impact on gaining and retaining satisfied and loyal customers. Our mission is to create a place to achieve goals, thanks to which customers' lives can be a source of joy for them. Thanks to modern technological solutions, the company creates a unique zone of health and well-being.

Is there free parking?


Do we have free first training before we sign the contract?

Yes, it is possible thanks to invitations to a free introductory training conducted under the care of a trainer or physiotherapist along with body composition analysis.

What is the price of membership in KCB

The average membership price is PLN 236 = $60.00 US Dollar.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes. The company's offer includes monthly passes, annual and two-year contracts.

Do I get a membership card?


The best way to lose weight?

Clubs can boast of their own motivational program called "10 steps to your success", which was created in order to carry out the correct onboarding of a new club member, so that they felt comfortable at the beginning of their path related to physical activity in KCB SPORT clubs and they maintained motivation at a high level.

Risks & Disclosures


What are some of the risks involved in investing?

Please be sure to carefully review the Risk Disclosures!

Some of the key risks to know before you invest in startups:

Crowdfunding investments are highly risky and speculative. You should do your own research and scrutinize all disclosed risk factors before making an investment decision. The following are some of the key risks applicable to Republic offerings:

Speculative: Investments in startups and early-stage ventures are speculative and these enterprises often fail. Unlike an investment in a mature business where there is a track record of revenue and income, the success of a startup or early-stage venture often relies on the development of a new product or service that may or may not find a market. You should be prepared to lose your entire investment.

Illiquidity: Your ability to resell your investment in the first year will be restricted with narrow exceptions. You may need to hold your investment for an indefinite period of time. Unlike investing in companies listed on a stock exchange where you can quickly and easily trade securities, you may have to locate an interested private buyer when you do seek to resell your crowdfunded investment.

No voting rights: A Crowdfunding Investment does not provide voting rights to its holder, unless and until the Crowdfunding Investment or the note is converted into an equity stake. If and when you receive voting shares in a company, your voting rights will likely be diluted when the company raises additional funds.

Cancellation restrictions: Once you make an investment in a crowdfunding offering, you can cancel the investment at any time and for any reason up to 48 hours before the offering deadline.

Valuation and capitalization: Unlike listed companies that are valued publicly through market-driven stock prices, the valuation of private companies, especially startups, is difficult. You risk overpaying for the equity stake you receive. The class of equity being sold via a crowdfunding offering may have fewer rights than other equity classes issued by a company.

Limited disclosure: The company must disclose information about itself, its business plan, the offering, and its anticipated use of proceeds, among other things. An early-stage company may be able to provide only limited information about its business plan and operations because it does not have fully developed operations or a long history to provide more disclosure. The company is also only obligated to file information regarding its business annually, including financial statements.

Under certain circumstances the company may cease to publish annual reports and holders of the Crowd SAFE will have no information rights.

Investment in personnel: An early-stage investment is also an investment in the founding entrepreneur(s) and/or management of the company. Being able to execute on the business plan is often an important factor determining whether the business will be viable and successful. You should also be aware that a portion of your investment may fund the compensation of the company’s employees, including its management. You should carefully review any disclosure regarding the company’s use of proceeds.

Possibility of fraud: As with other investments, there is no guarantee that crowdfunding investments will be immune from fraud.

Lack of professional guidance: Many successful companies partially attribute their early success to the guidance of professional early-stage investors (e.g. angel investors and venture capital firms). These investors often negotiate for seats on the company’s board of directors and play an important role through their resources, contacts and experience in assisting early-stage companies in executing on their business plans. An early-stage company primarily financed through crowdfunding may not have the benefit of such professional investors.