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Kaplan Ventures

Kaplan Ventures

Kaplan Ventures focuses on supporting innovative companies

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Company Overview

Kaplan has been in the education business for 75 years and serves students of all ages — from first graders learning to read, to professionals seeking post-graduate training. This global reach has provided Kaplan with the experience and financial capital to invest and continue innovating in all areas of education.

At Kaplan Ventures, we have a broad set of investment criteria. We've placed investments across a variety of investment stages (from Seed to Series D), geographies (from developed countries to emerging markets), investment sizes (from $200k to $5 million) and areas of the education spectrum (from early learning to professional training).

What matters most to us is finding innovative businesses driven to change education, who can benefit from the unique support that we deliver by leveraging the extensive experience, resources and relationships that exist at Kaplan.