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Kansas City Breweries & Beverage Company

Kansas City Breweries & Beverage Company

High Growth Value Brands for Retailers & Beverage Markets.

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Company Overview

From domestic American beers to organic sodas, ciders, juices, water and sports drinks Kansas City Breweries and Beverage Company develops trademarks and private labels for the manufacturing, canning and bottling of alcohol and non-alcohol beverages serving local, regional and national markets for retailers, institutions, hospitality, and sports related venues. The Company beverages are produced under exclusive trademark licensing agreements utilizing co-producers in support of rapid revenue growth and market share. The Company is a Qualified Opportunity Zone Project providing 1000’s of career Union job opportunities with geographic, logistical and economic incentives over any other existing or future North American beverage manufacturer.

Currently the Company produces “AN AMERICAN BEER” for the “Loud & Proud®“ fan in all of us and is preparing to bring organic sodas, ciders, juices, water and sports drinks on-line for trademark and private label customers who prefer non-alcohol beverages. When the Company launched its first proof of concept production under an exclusive licensing agreement the Company sold $250,000 (with additional capital could have sold 10x that) in 12 months out selling Bud, Miller and Coors in many locations because locally owned AMERICAN brands KC LiteTM a 4.2% alcohol beer; KC LagerTM a 5% alcohol; and KC MaltTM a 6.2% alcohol strong beer or Malt Liquor are competitively priced and have the local and regional affinity beer drinkers are looking to support.

In addition to KC Brands, the Company has secured licensing agreements for a second registered trademark owner Tacoma Washington based 12Brands LLC, registered trademark owners of the nationally recognized sports trademark Loud & Proud® now under contract with Kansas City Breweries for the Seattle Washington production of Sea LiteTM a 4.2% alcohol beer; Sea LagerTM a 5% alcohol beer; and Sea MaltTM a 6.2% alcohol strong beer or malt liquor.

With two trademark agreements from brand creators in Kansas City and Tacoma Washington, channel partners have expressed availability to several thousand retail locations providing revenues of $30 million annually. The Company has secured agreements for the land purchase of its beverage complex including the on-site #1 North America Intermodal Rail Spur providing the lowest shipping cost to all North and South America markets. In addition, our central US location serves 24-hour tractor-trailer delivery anywhere in North America.

With the first $250,000 investment capital the Company will pay annual dividends based on its net profit. The following projected dividend per share for the Company at the end of Year-1 is $.015 per share; Year-2 is $.066 per share; Year-3 is $.157 per share; Year-4 is $.288 per share; Year-5 is $.460 per share for a total of $.986 per share over 5 years. The purchase price of $.25 per share today provides a 300% ROI. The intent of this Reg. D 506(c) offering is to sell 25% of the company common stock for $2,500,000 and begin the implementation of the Company brewery and beverage complex. The first 1,000,000 shares sold or $250,000 is allocated for 2020 production of Kansas City and Seattle market Lite, Lager & Malt beers.


$250,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive
300% ROI
5,000 Users


  • Secured Loud & Proud Trademark From 12Brands LLC.

    July, 2018
  • Seed Campaign Secured 130 Investors

    July, 2018
  • Selected Top Breweries In The Region - Kansas City Business Journal

    March, 2018
  • $250,000 Revenues In 12 Month Proof of Concept.

    December, 2017