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Kaneh LLC

Kaneh LLC

Healing our world with open source innovations.

Company Overview

Executive Summary

Kaneh LLC, a holdings company, is developing products and services that arise from a blanket patent pending held by Mimi Johnson. The company was founded in 2018 by Mimi. Her blanket patent results in hundreds of identifiable products each of which may be patentable. Other intellectual property includes service marks, trademarks, and trade secrets. In addition, the company has initiated a grow operation on 100 acres in Bedrock, Colorado.

A large number of products have been developed by Kaneh for external use as cosmetics, skin creams, ointments, sun screen; for internal use as essential oil supplements; and as a component in edibles. As well, Kaneh provides services to the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries with expertise in chemistry, herbs, business, finance, and celebrity sponsorships.

Kaneh intends to be a holding company and have a consumer products business, a separate and related energy drinks business, and a separate and related biotech products development business. We also may create a separate and unrelated business for clinical product testing. Finally, we have a company for grow operations and processing operations.

Our team consists of four managers: Mimi Johnson, chief executive officer; Jim Davidson, chief financial officer; Brian Park, chief development officer; Doug Owens and Jean McDowell who jointly serve as chief science officer. We currently have a board of advisers that includes Dr. Mary Ruwart, Gail Lightfoot, and Howard Hinman. We recently made an offer to a chief grow officer with extensive experience in managing cannabis grow operations.

Kaneh is generating revenues in 4th Quarter 2019 and profits in 2021.

Kaneh is offering 1% of the company's common stock for $100,000 in 2019. The company is also offering 10% of the company's common stock for $3 million in late 2019. A further 5% of stock is to be made available in a subsequent financing.

The company shows a positive net present value and a 7800% return on investment.

Business Opportunity

Kaneh has exclusive use of a patent-pending technology for creating valuable Omega-3 and amino acid products from hemp seed. For most of the cannabis and industrial hemp industry, seeds are a waste product. Far more seeds are produced than can be planted, so our source material is inexpensive.

A large number of products have been developed by Kaneh for external use as cosmetics, skin creams, ointments, sun screen; for internal use as essential oil supplements; and as a component in edibles. The company has developed a very high-end anointing oil including gold, frankincense, and myrrh, and has the recipe from Exodus 30:23 for anointing oil with cinnamon and myrrh.

These products are fully developed and ready to package and ship today. Kaneh also has product development plans to expand its range of products. In addition, services at a healing spa may be replicated at other wellness spas around the world using a licensed service package tied to bulk purchases of our products. Kaneh contemplates establishing a biotech product development business unit to develop and test our many biopharmaceutical products.

The company has a web site at which describes our products and offerings. Kaneh is developing a series of IndieGoGo campaigns for product releases connected to a healing workshop at a private ranch in Colorado. Our first IndieGoGo campaign went live 2 October 2019.

One of the key advantages of the Kaneh technologies is the absence of CBD and THC in our products. Therefore, these are all natural, organic, and unregulated products that are not subject to cannabis licence restrictions or regulatory oversight. These products should not be excluded from sales acceptable to the Federal Reserve under federal law, so normal banking operations should pertain.

Kaneh also has a patented decarb tray which is packaged with baking materials for accurate dosing in home made edibles. Again the product has no CBD or THC so it is an unregulated, non-cannabis product.

Kaneh recently made arrangements with several area farmers near Bedrock, Colorado to put 100 acres of hemp under cultivation to secure our source of hemp seed. We are building a processing facility with an integrated products development and cannabis testing laboratory. All of these are additional profit centres.

Mission Statement

The mission of Kaneh, a holdings company, is to provide products and services to the public and for distribution by other companies involving patented techniques for securing cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food-grade essential oils, amino acids, and other nutrients from hemp seed. The company operates its laboratories, factories, grow operations, and facilities as needed to serve its markets. The company develops open source methods for providing healing services, materials, and technologies to the general public on as decentralised a basis as possible.

Vision Statement

Within five years, Kaneh will have 1% of the essential oils market with our hemp seed produced essential oils. We also anticipate in the same time having 1% of the CBD oil market. Within twenty years, Kaneh will be a major supplier of consumer products and services for health and wellness. During these early years of our company we anticipate developing and implementing highly decentralised and widely distributed open source healing methods.