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Kaneh Holding Co

Kaneh Holding Co

Kaneh is changing the way we think about our health - by providing a solution for a global health crisis via Cannabis nutritional products.

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Company Overview


Kaneh enters the cannabis market with the holy grail in the industry; a pending patent on cannabis seed oil compositions, with uses aimed at ameliorating human health.

Patent claims are wide, and include treating inflammation, vascular and heart health, as well as commonly seen behavioral issues.

CN3 formulas, comprised 100% of cannabis seed oil, are devoid of cannabinoids, which are federally restricted as they are the active constituents in cannabis.

100 Million Americans live with chronic pain. Why treat the symptom, if you can treat the problem? The common thread among all illnesses is inflammation due to dietary imbalances.

The active ingredient in CN3 is Cannabis Omega-3, an essential fatty acid (EFA) needed for human health, known for strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation throughout the body. Our products are also 100% legal in the U.S.

A variety of compositions are available, as CN3 can either be used within products or as a stand-alone.

The CN3 formula encompasses hemp seed oil for beneficial health uses; whether internally digested, inhaled, or topically on the skin as a dermatologic product or in animal care products.

Competition is scarce, inclusive of Omega-3 fish oils as well as Cannabis-derived CBD oil

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