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The smart photo album that brings your family together

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Company Overview

The first Smart Photo Album


Every year, 1 trillion photos are captured - predominantly using smart phone cameras. Unfortunately, sharing and preserving our photos has become fragmented and we struggle to find the time to organize our memories. Our thousands of photos and videos are now trapped on our phones.


Joy has developed the world's first Smart Photo Album (hardware + software) - a transformative storytelling device designed to help you express and relive the moments you love, with those you love most.

The Opportunity:

Joy is building iTunes/iPod for personal photos and videos. Over 400 million iPods were sold between 2001 and 2014.

Joy's initial target market is brides, parents and grandparents. Every year in the US, there are 3 million weddings and 4 million babies that are born. The printed wedding album market is $3 billion and the printed photo market is $30 billion.


  • Projected $5M revenue run rate in 2017

    November, 2017
  • Experienced team from Apple, Yahoo and Sonos

    March, 2017
  • Manufactured first 100 units

    July, 2017
  • Built iOS mobile app and Android mobile app

    July, 2017
  • Raised $8M+ from top investors Obvious Ventures, Maywic, BoxGroup and Chernin Group

    February, 2017


Ev Williams
Ev Williams
Co-founder of Twitter
"They’ve built a really elegant solution to the organization and sharing of family memories with a combination of software and hardware. "
Martha Stewart Magazine
Martha Stewart Magazine
"These days, instead of printing off photos and storing them in gorgeous books, we have hard drives full of photos that we never bother to access. The Joy Album is going to change all that."
Mary Lauren
Mary Lauren
"Joy solves all your disorganized photo madness!"