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The story social media site

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Elevator Pitch

Journalise, the social media site that centres on user created stories from his/her online journal. Features a homepage that collects all user posts filtered by a voting system.

Company Overview

Journalise is a social media website that lets the user tell their story.

A sort of journal, but on the internet. Share the interesting details of your day.

You can share your posts to specific groups which specialise on a certain activity e.g. rowing.

Or even running

Or tell about your weight loss goals and what meals you have had.

You can set yourself goals can give yourself a target to reach within a certain number of days and perhaps if you write well, your fans will encourage you.

You could perhaps use the website for easing your mental health by anonymously telling others about how you feel.

The posts will all be shared on a global homepage so everyone will be able to see your content.

The posts will be filtered using a rating system.

If you like the post or dislike the post then you give it an up or down vote.

The more upvotes a post gets the higher it rises on the homepage and the closer to the top spot it will be.

How is Journalise different from say LiveJournal or

Well its all about how we will limit the user on his posts to make sure that each one is as good as the last.

You must adhere to a certain word limit. No links to stop advertisers etc.

And there will be lots of moderation, and no user created groups to stop the degeneration of the website into…

Ours will look much more visually appealing and a lot more intuitively organised.

Risks & Disclosures

i) Once invested the shareholders will not need invest further unless it is done voluntarily. The company is registered as a Limited Company in the United Kingdom and therefore all business expenses and debts fall to the company and not the individual shareholders. Investing in Journalise will not affect the shareholders tax until the company starts to make a profit.ii) If in the event of the the company's shares declining in value the financial interments and capital are protected and that the shareholders cash amount due at maturity will never be below the value of $1.