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27 Patients Treated and Cured with Terminal Cancers. Success rate 100%

Buenos Aires, Distrito Federal, AR

cancer treatment, cancer research innovation

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Hospital-Clinic is raising $5,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $10,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • 84% total types of Cancer Existing on the Planet Cured of +100 known
  • 4000 Cultures of Treated and Cured Cancer Cells. Success rate 100%
  • 27 Patients with Treated and Cured Terminal Cancers. Success rate 100%

Elevator Pitch

The future clinic will have 80 beds to treat patients. The square meters of the laboratory will be expanded, becoming 2 floors dedicated exclusively to research laboratory for discover new cures


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11 Employees


Our engineers build the Universal Microscope, composed of 3346 pieces

October, 2015

Our engineers also build the Heterodyne Ultraviolet Microscope, the Micro-Dissector and the Micro-Manipulator

November, 2015

We were able to identify the 1º spectral signature and electromagnetic oscillation of the cancer virus by oscillating on its own frequency

December, 2015

First Culture of Cancer Cells successfully treated and cured by Mortal Oscillatory Rate (MOR)

February, 2016

We have been able to identify and treat 84% of known cancers, of the more than 100 known worldwide

October, 2016

4251 cultures cancer cells and applied this research technology for its treatment with a success rate of 100% cured cells

July, 2017

First patient, of the treatment phase in humans, diagnosed with terminal cancer treated and cured at 100%

September, 2017

26 patients more with terminal cancers of different types treated and cured with the same rate of success

October, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the current cancer treatments and ours?

• The only cost of our treatment is a few cents in electricity. Our treatment is totally harmless to patients, who can recover from their condition without losing their hair, their home, and the savings of their life. With this new technique, there is absolutely no reason for people with cancer to pay fortunes for treatment, and become deadly ill from chemotherapy, radiation, and mutilating surgery. More importantly, this technique does not damage the surrounding tissues of the cells at all.

What is the prize for each investor or collaborator who supports this project?

• All investors and collaborators that support our project, financing 2 years of the same, whether contributing $10,000 or $5,000,000, will have the privilege of being included in our list of first patients to treat. It may be the investor himself, or a relative or friend of the investor. And the other rpize is the revenues share of 16% of company benefits.

How long does the treatment last?

• In just 2 weeks of treatment the patient is fully healed.

How many dollars does the treatment cost?

• The treatment costs $ 3,000. The only money that the patient will have to spend is the trip to our facilities. The price of this treatment we believe is a symbolic price. We must add that this price will not be charged to patients who enter our program "NO RESOURCES", which will be fully funded the trip plus treatment.

What is the benefit of investors?

Investors will have DOUBLE benefit for their support: 1. The investor, a person chosen by him, will enter the list of first patients to treat. 2. All investors will share 16% of the company's profits according to the amount of capital invested. The payments of the profits of the company are made to each investor, each four months, in the first half of the following month, from the date of opening of the Hospital-Clinic. * NOTE: Consult the document TERMS-CONDITIONS for more detailed information.