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 NCC-UPN Fund Mobile APP

NCC-UPN Fund Mobile APP

Learning by Collaboration Through Innovative Technology: Join US as Global Community Ambassador's for Special Needs & Their Families

Inglewood, California, US

special needs, high return on investment, community empowerment, disabilities, higher education, small business, income generating opportunity

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$4,000,000 of $25,000,000

NCC-UPN Fund Mobile APP is raising $25,000,000 with a minimum reservation of $25. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • First few customers lined up and product in pre-production
  • Backed by several professionals in the special needs industry
  • Backers for the NCC-UPN app are seen on CNN, Dr. Phil, Fox News, ABC

Elevator Pitch

The NCC-UPN is the only app in the industry that collaborates with high schools, colleges, universities globally to increase the number of special needs students enrolling in post secondary education.


5% ROI
Cash Flow Positive
5 Issued Patents
200,000 Users
25 Employees
$40,000 Sales


Established corporate partnerships with major banks and community programs. See corporate logos on our company website

January, 2008

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I purchase the NCC-UPN mobile?

A: By purchasing the NCC-UPN mobile you support funding for JBead Foundation/UCLA research studies and help researchers understand autism spectrum disorders in African American Families. You also provide grants writing research funding for the Disabled Student Support Services Project (DSSSP). More importantly, you become part of a special group of professionals across the United States supporting special needs students that aspire to attend post-secondary education community colleges and universities.

Q: What is the goal of the NCC-UPN mobile?

A: The goal for the NCC-UPN mobile is to build “collaboration teams” that populate the United States with supporters in each state to assist special needs students by locating community resources and services such as: Finding doctor summaries and videos for disabled students and their families. Locating community colleges and universities for special needs students and their families. Using keywords to search our online national database for community resources. Locating community organizations for assessment need area. Finding evaluation and treatment services for individuals with the following suspected disorders: Learning Disabilities. Social, Cognitive, Language, and Motor Development. Autism Spectrum Disorder. Social Skills Delays. Neurogenetic Disorders.

Q: What purpose does the NCC-UPN mobile serve?

A: The NCC-UPN mobile serves to bring communities together for special needs students that aspire to attend post-secondary education. By purchasing the NCC-UPN mobile you network with professionals that have a passion for helping special needs students who aspire to attend post-secondary education schools. You discover your legacy through “corporate team building.” No matter your area of interest, the NCC-UPN mobile can help you champion your cause and create an impact worldwide. No matter what your philanthropic passion, you can pursue it with the NCC-UPN mobile APP. However you define your cause, whether it is specific or broad, close to home or across the globe, obscure or popular, we can help you make a difference in whatever way you choose.

Q: Will there be a desktop version to work from home?

A: Yes.

Q: Are there any rewards and/or benefits for purchasing the NCC-UPN mobile?

A: Yes. Please email to discuss additional questions, benefits, and rewards once you purchase the NCC-UPN mobile. You will like the offer!

Q: What sets the NCC-UPN mobile app apart from the industry?

A: There is no other "community outreach program" in the world that accomplishes this task GLOBALLY. It's what we call "Boots on the Ground" for Special Needs and their families. Community Ambassador’s assist special needs families manage their appointments. Managing special needs families’ requests in a timely and efficient manner goes a long way. This process helps the NCC-UPN Fund increase our profits and revenue through better customer satisfaction and increased productivity. • Achieving this is easy with our NCC-UPN efficient appointment and customer management app. Community Ambassadors can use the app to schedule appointments and initiate service requests. With this app, Community Ambassadors can manage appointments for special needs families, view daily schedules and see how their own business is running etc. There’s lot more of what the app can do to better your service delivery!

Q: How does the NCC-UPN APP Work?

A: When individual's with special needs are identified by a Community Ambassador and later, assessed for their disability, by a clinical professional in that region, the NCC-UPN Fund supports their Behavioral/IEP/College Action Plan from inception to completion with continuous secondary and tertiary care. Each state will have several major clinical and program staff teams to implement the NCC-UPN.

Q: Is the NCC-UPN Mobile APP helpful to Physicians, Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, & MFT's?

A: The NCC-UPN mobile APP is especially helpful to Physicians and Medical Doctors who may want to refer patients (pre/post) to a Psychiatrist (for Medication - Management) or Clinical Psychologist (for Other Conditions That May Be the Focus for a Mental Health Clinician or Therapist) - due to the surgery. • DSM-5: Neurocognitive Domains: Axis III Diagnosis: General Medical Conditions. For example, after surgery some patients may become depressed not because of a psychological condition but rather a reaction (e.g., Delirium) to the surgical procedure.

What is the NCC-UPN Mobile App Global Reach for Researchers and Clinicians?

The NCC-UPN Fund will also duplicate other versions of our treatment centers in subsequent CROWDFUNDING rounds within the U.S. and some international countries for under served communities. In our Longitudinal Study we want to examine factors related to Learning Disabilities and treatment services (e.g. primary, secondary and tertiary care) for autism in other countries. See study @