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 NCC-UPN Fund Mobile APP

NCC-UPN Fund Mobile APP

Learning by Collaboration Through Innovative Technology: Join US as Global Community Ambassador's for Special Needs & Their Families

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Company Overview

National Community College - University Placement Network (NCC-UPN), LLC

Fund For Special Needs



About the Corporation(s): Los Angeles, California. As CEO for two U.S. Corporations, Founder, Jeffery Butler,Ph.D., launched JBead Foundation (non-profit; April 7, 2003) and recently established the NCC-UPN Fund for Special Needs (for-profit; March 22, 2017). See the Foundation's Mission.

NCC-UPN Fund Pitch Deck

About: The NCC-UPN Fund is a network of Community Ambassador's, Investors, Corporate Sponsors & Partners, Donors, Legal Shield Associates, Banks, Corporations, Financial Institutions, Businesses, Colleges & Universities, and various stakeholders who express interest to advance economic growth and opportunity within our global system for Special Needs and their families.

  • Mission: The NCC-UPN Fund mission is to: (1) explore various funding opportunities (domestic & international); (2) acquire assets and investments for business growth solutions; and (3) strengthen under served communities' access to healthcare, education and technology.
  • Purpose: The NCC-UPN FUND utilize a corporate-wide framework to identify emerging risks within various markets. The FUND initiate strategic-wide global “need-based” action plans that connects with investors, financial institutions and corporate sponsors, donors and business owners for raising capital to advance economic growth and opportunity within our network for Special Needs and their families.
  • Global Community Vision: The NCC-UPN Fund collaborates with high schools, colleges, universities, the Los Angeles region and United States of America to increase the number of special needs students enrolling in post-secondary education. Initially, the NCC-UPN Fund will focus growth strategies in Southern and Northern California and later, expand within the United States and some international countries.
  • Goal: The overall goal for the NCC-UPN Fund is to become the largest global communication referral network (on ground & online) for special needs assistance (e.g., Autism, Learning Disabilities, Visually Impaired, Deaf & Hard of Hearing and Orthopedically Handicapped, etc.) as well as comprehensive mental, physical and dental health care. Also the NCC-UPN APP will create "Community Ambassador Teams" globally to strengthen communities for Autism, Learning Disabilities and Special Needs Students who aspire to attend post-secondary education.


Equity Portfolio: The NCC-UPN Fund APP is part of our One-Billion Dollar Portfolio Strategy

to build equity that expands community outreach services for various need based groups within the U.S. & Global Communities. The Equity Portfolio is realistic and based on very conservative marketing figures and investments relative to the industry as a whole. That is because one of the goals for the NCC-UPN Fund is to build the business one client at a time and to serve each consumer as if it were the last.

The NCC-UPN Fund (A-B-C) Plan to Build Equity within the Portfolio

A. USE OF FUNDS: START-UP: NCC-UPN Fund Application Development. The Foundation is very excited to build the NCC-UPN Fund Application and we are committed about this opportunity to better serve our special needs students and their families. IF you or your company have an idea let us develop the concept and together, we can take it to the next level.


B. 1. Global Marketing APP for Corporate Partnerships/Acquisitions: Minimum Annual Revenue: $2M

  • APP Download Projections: The APP is projected to deliver a minimum of 1,500 downloads or more annually and we are already planning additional marketing strategies beyond the APP to earn more revenue for our bottom line. Future testing, upgrades, modifications and partnerships (e.g. Google, Microsoft, Spectrum) for the APP will expand our marketing strategy to reach new audiences while increasing product delivery downloads. Investors: Access documents for ROI & equity growth.
  • Platform Reach: See Company Slide share growth projections below (Under Construction). We are partnering with companies to reach an additional 100 Million visitors a month that will increase revenue 8% to 15% a year - compounded annually - with other portfolio equity assets (e.g. real estate holdings) over the next 10 years. Our global marketing platform is designed to help Community Ambassadors, Investors, Sponsors and other stakeholders find emerging markets for new business growth opportunity, leveraging our scale, audience, and content. If you would like to sponsor the NCC-UPN APP click here. (See equity portfolio strategy).

2. Community Ambassador Membership: Minimum Annual Revenue: $750,000

  • The NCC-UPN Fund vision is to create economic opportunity for every Community Ambassador Member within our global network that purchase the mobile APP. How? Community Ambassador Members "successfully market" prospects & earn. There is a desktop version for the NCC-UPN mobile APP to work from home. Also, each member receive rewards and/or benefits for new Community Ambassador referrals and you become part of this exciting opportunity to earn unlimited income from your app or desktop while helping families with special needs.

3. Special Promotion(s): Minimum Annual Revenue: $450,000

  • Perks 1: Ends December 2019: $350 bonus for Community Ambassador after APP purchase ($75) and first 10 successful referrals.
  • Perks 2: Ends December 2019: Become a Legal Shield Associate with ID Shield & Plan Membership TODAY for free when you purchase the NCC-UPN MOBILE APP for $150.00 and recruit 10 successful Legal Shield Associates with ID Shield & Plan Members on your team. That's a $300 value and you get a $350 bonus.

4. Business Listings & Advertising with US on the APP: Minimum Annual Revenue: $950,000

  • For Your Business Growth: Community Ambassador's earn points through special promotions and writing articles about their business listing. The APP will feature Community Ambassador profile listings, chat rooms, message boards, event postings, notifications and much, much, more TO BAND community groups together for special needs. So if you have a business to market please read about our platform reach in the slide share presentation below (UNDER CONSTRUCTION).



5. Center for Autism + Developmental Disabilities: Minimum Annual Revenue: $5M

Q: What other projects will this Pre-Seed/Equity Round fund in addition to developing the NCC-UPN Fund mobile APP?

  • The Center for Autism + Developmental Disabilities: Medical Community Health Clinic will feature large online/on-ground seminar/meeting rooms for booking community events (e.g. banquets, CEO-Investor luncheons/dinners, etc.), clinical professionals (e.g. earn CECU's), invited speakers and student interns to provide ongoing support services on various mental/health care areas, research trends about autism, learning disabilities, and other special needs for families. More details TBA as this crowdfunding pre-seed round develops. So make sure you get your clinical practice business listed before prices increase after December 2019 when the app is deployed.

A: The NCC-UPN Fund community goal is to build one of the largest centers in the world (on ground & online) within the South Los Angeles region for autism early (primary) intervention strategies.

If you’re interested in learning more email or place your reservation using the I'm Interested" button & the Fund Manager, Jeffery Butler, will reach out to assist you.


5% ROI
Cash Flow Positive
5 Issued Patents
200,000 Users
25 Employees
$40,000 Sales


  • Established corporate partnerships with major banks and community programs. See corporate logos on our company website

    January, 2008