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Providing Costa Rica's Fastest Internet and connectivity and now growing regionally.

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Company Overview

Itellum is a Costa Rica based licensed internet service provider (ISP) with a dedicated focus on premium quality and superior customer support. Originally Founded in 2010, the company was setup as a wholesale telecommunications service provider mainly selling voice products into other telecom operators around the world , as well as beginning to provide dedicated fiber optics and premium wireless internet services to medium and larger sized businesses in Costa Rica. The Company did its first major capitalization in 2015 and In 2017 Timothy Foss re-acquired control of the company from a Private Equity / Merchant Bank and sparking the transformation into a full service ISP to immediately began offering the fastest and most secure internet and connectivity options available in Costa Rica and continues expansion across Latin America to include Nicaragua , Guatemala , El Salvador , Honduras & Panama.

The vast majority of Latin American ISP's , Cable Companies and the Legacy Operators have infested the regional marketplace with oversubscribed connectivity and fraudulently saturated data services. Following much the same path as early broadband providers in the United States, service providers in Costa Rica lack quality control and customer service for their commercial customers.

ITELLUM finds itself on the the forefront as a premium commercial grade internet service provider that is meeting the ever increasing demands of its commercial , Enterprise and Multinational Customers . ITELLUM has solved a major problem and filled the void in Costa Rica regarding Premium Internet Connectivity and Data Services.

Today Itellum is arguably the fastest growing ISP in Costa Rica and some would even say Central America with contracts expanding in 6 different countries. With a highly trained and talented dedicated staff, ITELLUM leverages the comparatively inexpensive employees in Costa Rica, keeping overhead low. Day to day operations are managed by the internal staff while an external channel sales team of 12 continues daily outreach. Itellum is an incredibly efficient and agile company with a keen focus on proactive customer care while providing the most reliable internet and connectivity services in the region. Customer service for demanding commercial clients has long been overlooked in general in Costa Rica, providing an opportunity for ITELLUM to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

FY2019 ITELLUM achieved year-over-year revenue growth of 96% and projects a FY2020 growth rate to surpass 100 % with even more accelerated organic revenue growth. Gross margins are projected to grow from 40% in FY2019 to 45% in FY2020 when combining this with strong revenue growth it helps drive even healthier profitability. Fixed costs are targeted for low / modest growth in FY2020 primarily from sales and marketing efforts to support our rapid increased in revenues and the expenses related with turning up all the recurring internet and connectivity contracts.

In 2019 special focus was placed on the niche group of English speaking business owners through their internet marketing efforts. A quick search in Google for "Fastest Internet in Costa Rica" or "Fastest Internet in <> results in clients finding Itellum. The quality leads generated from this effort will be amplified as the same tactics will be employed in the Spanish speaking market in 2020.


Only Itellum provides the highest Business grade connectivity services and superior customer support available regionally. Our Always Dedicated and Ready to problem solve Key Account managers design the connectivity products around the never Oversubscribed regional network of connectivity services have become a welcomed partner to so many important business in Costa Rica and far beyond regionally now..

This is an excellent investment opportunity not overvalued like so many other start-up and unicorn type deal's we all see these days. This will be the last equity opportunity before a proper Series A financing with a much higher value. The portfolio of contacts the (Premium Monthly Recurring Contracts) much like annuities that the company is growing regionally is a great business model is wonderful says Brad Foulger, Itellum's very fiscally conservative CFO that also loves the long term recurring "Annuity-like" business model.


Cash Flow Positive


  • Signed a 36 month contact for Data-Center Services and IP Connectivity with Light-Speed Technical Development.

    December, 2019
  • Signed 36 month contract with Arkos Technology a (FINTECH / BANK) for MPLS and Regional IP Connectivity.

    October, 2019
  • Signed 36 month contract with International Telecom Services DMK. IP Connectivity and Wireless Backups / Redundancies in Escazu.

    September, 2019
  • Digerati Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: DTGI) Closes Acquisition of Minority Interest in Itellum.

    June, 2019
  • Esencialmente-Co-working: Costa Rica's Best facility resigned a 36 month contract. Adding Wireless Redundant Backups to the services.

    December, 2019


Donald Mora
Donald Mora
CTO at Strategic Capital (DSI Sports)
"We have 150 Mbps of IP connectivity and 150 Mbps of Data Capacity on Itellum.. The services are EXCELLENT and Consistent. Additionally we have a rack of servers in the Data-Center in Escazu Costa Rica. My Mobile number is 011-506-8834-0757 for follow up questions. I've also publicly recommend Itellum via Google -- They really do an awesome job. "
Jonathan Valembois
Jonathan Valembois
CEO and Founder of Esencialmente Coworking Co
"Itellum has supported our new Co-working Business tremendously though start-up. They are contracted to provide symmetric Fiber-Optics and Wireless redundant connections. The internet services have been fast without latency or problems. The customer support and installation processes was also good. My mobile number is 011-506-4020-1234"
Maximiliano Fiasche
Maximiliano Fiasche
CTO of BM Datos de Costa Rica
"ITELLUM provides us with two fully redundant dedicated fiber optic links with 400 Mbps of IP connectivity each. The services have worked fine since signing and installing with them. They were the only provider to get municipality permissions for true redundancies. I recommend them. "