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Crowdfunding the E-Commerce

Los Angeles, California, US

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$50,000 of $500,000
Convertible Note

iRSE is raising $500,000 with a minimum reservation of $25,000. Numbers displayed include non-binding reservations before investors are verified, signed, or closed.


  • 1 Employee, $355,000 revenue in 1 year
  • Margins 20% and increasing
  • New Business Model in the Crowdfunding & E-Commerce Markets

Elevator Pitch

Crowdfunding the E-Commerce, we offer everyone a new way for investing, we offer them to buy our products inventory from us then we sell it for them and they get a percentage of the sales net profit.


$355,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive
10 Users
$140k funded Transaction Volume
20% ROI
1 Employees


Published Investors Dashboard connected to major sales channels APIs

June, 2017

10 Clients

December, 2017

+$140,000 Invested by Clients

December, 2017

+$215,000 Consumer Products Sales

December, 2017

20% Avrg Investors ROI% within Avrg 6 Months

December, 2017

+$50,000 Repeat Investment

December, 2017

+$13,500 Paid Out to Clients

December, 2017

Total Revenue $355k

December, 2017

+60 different products in 5 different Niches

December, 2017

99% Customer Satisfaction rate on Amazon & eBay

December, 2017

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Frequently Asked Questions

How clients buy inventory?

iRSE service is available for anyone who want to invest (including non-accredited investors to as low as $10), We offer our clients to buy the available products inventory and any new product inventory that we are selling so they can invest their money in it.

How you know which client have which inventory?

When a client buy inventory we assign the product/s (SKU) and quantity purchased to the client and the client becomes the sole owner of it, we also assign clients in the same product in queue (first in first out), and we inform each client how many units ahead of his inventory to be sold first.

How clients make a return on their money?

When we offer our clients any inventory to buy, we offer them a percentage of the net profit of the sales of this specific inventory purchased, each product and different quantities define the client share of the net profit % by a calculated data analysis for the product history or expected profit.

How iRSE makes money?

We take the remaining net profit percentage in each unit sold.

What if an inventory is not sold?

We expect each product quantity to be sold within a period of time based on market data and analysis and the history sales of this product. If for any reason the product is not sold within this period the client can request to receive the remaining inventory or we liquidate it for them.

Do you share any loss too?

Yes, believing in a shared economy and gaining the trust of our clients the percentage our client agree on is a profit/loss percentage. When our clients make money we make money, if our clients lose money we lose money.

What is the cases of a loss?

High promotion discount, Giveaways, Refunds, Returns, high inventory storage cost, high marketing cost or Liquidation.

How you calculate the product cost to client and the net profit?

Product cost including all the costs associated with the product to be ready for sale, net profit calculated after deducting all the costs associated to create the sale.

Where you sell your consumer products?

We sell our products on iRSE online store, Amazon, eBay, Etsy. We will also create niche focus online stores for each of our niches.

How you came up with this model?

Growing iRSE products list and adding more inventory and more products requires more funding, instead of going to the banks. The vision of supporting the change of the financial system is the main drive for creating iRSE and ruining the business, people empowering each other in a growing Shared Economy instead of depending on the banks and the debt to manage our financials or fund our businesses.

How your clients monitor their investment?

Before June 2017 we used to send biweekly manual excel report to each client. Then we created a dashboard for our clients to login in and see their HOURLY UPDATED sales data, our system is connected to all our sales channels APIs including (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify) to retrieve all the sales and show it to our clients. Clients can see all the data related to their investment and the available cash balance for the sold units.

Do your business model require any SEC regulations?

No, we sell inventory to our clients, they own it. Then we sell it for them to the end consumers.

Can anyone buy inventory now?

Anyone? "YES" Now? "No" we ran out of the available inventory and we need to hire more people and scale up the size of the business to be able to manage more products and more inventory. Also we need to create the crowdfunding website to connect it to our current system so we can attract anyone to buy inventory and automate the purchase and payment process.