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Crowdfunding the E-Commerce

Los Angeles, California, US

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Company Overview

iRSE started as an online retail store by sourcing, private label products and selling it online on different sales channels.

Believing in a new shared economy, instead of going to the bank to get funded for more products and inventory, iRSE created a new business model of funding the inventory by Crowdfunding, offering existing available and new products inventory to anyone to buy it and invest their money in the inventory for a return on their money by taking a percentage of the net profit of each item sold when each item of his/her inventory is sold to the end consumer.

We solved the problem of funding our inventory and increase our sales and in the same time we are offering the public a new asset baked investment with higher return and sharing in the net profit of the sales. To enter two of the largest and growing markets, E-Commerce $500 B, Crowdfunding $22B.

Within 12 months iRSE now have 10 clients with total inventory purchase of $140,000, more than 60 different products is now selling on Amazon, eBay and iRSE Online Store with total consumer sales of $215,000. To end 2017 with total revenue of $355,000.

Current average ROI% for iRSE clients is 20% ROI within 6-9 months period.

Our Stores and Products:

Amazon Store:

eBay Store:


$355,000 Sales
Cash Flow Positive
10 Users
$140k funded Transaction Volume
20% ROI
1 Employees

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Published Investors Dashboard connected to major sales channels APIs

June, 2017

10 Clients

December, 2017

+$140,000 Invested by Clients

December, 2017

+$215,000 Consumer Products Sales

December, 2017

20% Avrg Investors ROI% within Avrg 6 Months

December, 2017

+$50,000 Repeat Investment

December, 2017

+$13,500 Paid Out to Clients

December, 2017

Total Revenue $355k

December, 2017

+60 different products in 5 different Niches

December, 2017

99% Customer Satisfaction rate on Amazon & eBay

December, 2017


I didn’t hesitate to try and invest some money, the idea sounds great, I bought $4000 worth of inventory, within 6 months they all sold out and I made $2200 profit, I bought more inventory after that with extra $12000 and now almost all sold out and I made $8000 profit so far. This is just amazing. Thanks Asser!
A. Kamal iRSE Client, investor
A. Kamal
Item arrived broken due to Amazon's poor packaging. While it wasn't the seller's responsibility, this seller went the extra mile to help fix what Amazon wouldn't. That's great customer service! Thanks, iRSE!
Amazon Customer Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer
Absolutely wonderful eBayer. Enjoyed our transactions. Will certainly recommend.
eBay Customer eBay Customer
eBay Customer