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Inspired Virtual Luxury Homes, LLC

Inspired Virtual Luxury Homes, LLC

Virtually Constructing Our 1st Luxury Home

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12 months

Elevator Pitch

Our virtual reality technology concept puts buyers in the driver’s seat & lets the entire team make critical construction and design decisions in advance.

Company Overview

Pushing boundaries is what propels us forward and continues to fuel our work year after year. Through our storied careers designing, composing and executing the visions of our clients’ spaces that span a variety of styles and purposes, we are thrilled to start from a blank canvas and develop a revolutionary home from the ground up.

With over 50 years of combined experience in architecture and interior design, our team not only understands what it means to create luxury experiences and environments. By understanding how people live in their homes on a daily basis, our work goes beyond aesthetics and elevates how the space functions for its occupants. Through the years we have continuously learned what people value most in their homes and the endless creative ways to address their lifestyle needs.

Typically, one key piece that has been absent from the process of new development, is the utilization of virtual reality technology to provide in-depth tours during the pre-construction phase by putting buyers in the driver’s seat and allowing them to virtually explore the home prior to construction. The entire project team along with the future homeowner are able to seamlessly make critical construction decisions in advance of installation. The upfront investment in virtual reality technology ensures saving time, saving money, and eliminating regret before ever breaking ground.

Risks & Disclosures

  • Simple Short-Term 12 month loan
  • Competitive Interest Rate on loan
  • Architect % Design Fees paid after investors
  • Low risk of default since home & design of home will be pre-sold to buyer
  • Standard payment schedules to ensure adequate funding throughout home build including initial outlay for land
  • Buyer has option to purchase architectural plan & interior home design OR Land & architectural design.
  • Project funding is obtained by buyer, not developer
  • Potential for equity investments in future virtual home construction projects